Build Fast Formula Rocket Pop (Mystery Flavor)

Build Fast Formula Rocket Pop (Mystery Flavor)

Build Fast Formula FullBlitz Mystery Flavor (Rocket Pop)


Mystery Flavor (Rocket Pop) – I have had a lot of rocket pop or bombsicle flavors in the past, but this one is right up there as one of my all-time favorites. Just like Rainbow Candy FullBlitz the flavor is pure and has a sweet aftertaste to it. The initial taste is heavy in the cherry and lime with the blue raspberry being the undertone aftertaste. The two additions enhance the overall mouth feel and taste provided by the pre-workout. While there is a stronger ratio of cherry and lime all the flavors provide a complimenting trifecta of flavoring. Matt (The owner of Build Fast Formula) was not kidding when he said this was the best flavor to date.

Ranking of FullBlitz Flavors

  1. Rocket Pop

  2. Rainbow Candy

  3. Blue Raspberry

  4. Grape


The product mixed with ease in a blender bottle. After a few shakes, there are no particles floating around. The powder is extremely light and started to mix just hitting the water. I found nothing stuck to my shaker cup or left sitting at the bottom. Thumbs up here on how easy the product mixes in water.


6g L-Citrulline (Pump, Performance, Delay Lactic Acid Build Up, NO Enhancer)
2g Arginine Nitrate (Pump, Performance, Endurance)

3.2g Beta-Alanine (Delay Fatigue, Improve Performance)
2.5g Betaine (Hydration, Cellular Electrolyte Concentration)
2g Calcium Lactate (Aids in Muscular Contractions)
Vitamin C (prevent nitrate tolerance build-up)

Stim Portion:

335mg Caffeine (Stimulant)

2.3mg Yohimbine Bark Extract (Enhance Mood & Energy)

800mg 2-(Dimethylamino)ethanol Bitartate (Cognitive Enhancer for sustained mood, focus, and energy)


  • Taste is fantastic

  • Open Label

  • Clinically Dosed

  • Do not be scared of the Yohimbine. Due to the DMAE it helps smooth out the effects for those who cannot tolerate Y.

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Quite excited to receive my sample. I’ll be sure to post up my thoughts when I give it a try!

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Can’t wait to hear it.

Just received mine today. I packed it for my travels this week…will report back of course.


Got mine in the mail today too! I plan to run it tmrw morning for Leg day! I will post my thoughts on flavor here and on my IG, we know I love this stuff! Thanks again @TheSolution


Tag me on IG @Bkupniewski and @Buildfastformula_Bob
Can’t wait to hear the feedback.


All posted up on IG (Chris_and_Chuck). So yeah this Rocket Pop flavor was pretty great! It had a soft hint of Strawberry to me, and just was a nice flavor and super easy to drink. Finally a Rocket Pop flavor that is not overly sweet, @Buildfastformula nailed it again.

I still think Rainbow Candy is better, but not by much, they are pretty close in my book! BFF needs to get in the BCAA/EAA/Intra game, so I can enjoy more flavors throughout my days!!

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Saw your review. Thanks for tagging me man!!!

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Used my sample today. Agree with all the others, the flavor is great and equal to rainbow candy IMO.

It comes down to whether you would like a popsicle or some skittles before your workout.


Thanks for the feedback sir!

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Holy shit. Rocket Pop was 110% my favorite flavor of FullBlitz. Definitely wasn’t a stereotypical rocket pop, but I loved it. One of the best flavored pre’s I’ve had in awhile. Gave the girl some to try and she loved it too. Tried stealing them away from me actually


Love hearing this man. Thanks for your support


I got like a fruit punch taste out of mine. Not sure if it something I ate that changed the flavor.

Given there is cherry , lime, and blue raz (bombsicle) i can see why you may think its fruit punch with the mixture of flavors.

Just had my first serving of BFF Rocket Pop today and HOLY moly this stuff tastes fantastic. Legit a bomb pop. I didn’t want to finish it today lol.

This goes ahead of rainbow candy for me because the density of the flavor is stronger with the same amount of water (6-7oz).

I’m so grateful for BFF. FullBlitz, to me, is like OL RE1GN without making me tweak. The pump, focus, and overall energy is just so smooth and perfect.

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Did I not send you a sample of it!? I swear i put in an invoice for you. If I did not that is so my bad. I ended up putting in around 200 orders

If you did, I didn’t receive it, but it’s no worry at all buddy! Once I saw the flavor reveal and everyone’s initial thoughts, it was a 100% buy at the intro price.

I owe you one then my bad man. I know for a fact I did process the order.
Hit me back next time for a CP Giveaway

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For those of you scoring at home, or elsewhere…Rocket Pop is amazing…Blue Raz is ‘just ok’.

Still up for sale on BFF
Coupon: Bob15

I know Matt said inventory is low, and if there is any leftover into next week he will put it into the stacks (Free vasoblitz and Ultimate Pump).

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