Build Fast Formula Full Blitz Review Opportunity

Build Fast Formula FullBlitz Review Opportunity (5 Serving Sample Full Blitz 7 Serving Sample Vaso Blitz)

Fullblitz is the newest product to debut from Build Fast Formula, which brings a stimulated version of its flagship product Vasoblitz. This is an opportunity to review FullBlitz for a short stint and gauge your results in the gym.

Here are the major areas you will cover during your review:

Fullblitz – ON DAYS (Training)
Do you Train Fasted?
Do you Train Fed?
If you train fed:
– how long before training did you dose
– how long before your training do you eat, and how many grams of carbohydrates is in your pre-workout meal?
– How much water are you in taking? (Water helps improve pumps during training)
– What is your sodium intake like? Sodium, Water, and Carbs are driving factors to improving pump and vascularity during training.

2 Scoops Vaso Blitz

Info for Review
Fullblitz = Take before training (Training Days)

Initial Review
After your first serving:
Thoughts on Formula (ingredient Breakdown)

** Pump
** Energy
** Focus
** Vascularity
** Any changes in recovery or rest times during training

Final Review

Taste (How many oz of water did you mix with Full blitz to find your sweet spot)
Mix (what water to powder ratio did you find to work the best for you?)
Formula (thoughts on the Stimulated Product with the ingredient profile and doses)
Cost (would you purchase this based off the price per serving?)
Overall thoughts and workout reaction


3-5 Reviewers will be chosen
Must live in the U.S.
Once enough applications are collected winners will be chosen.
Reviewers should have their reviews started within 5-7 days of receiving their products, and a final review must be completed within 10-14 days after the 5 Serving Full Blitz/7 Serving Vaso Blitz

Buying FullBlitz or VasoBlitz

At Anytime you want to pickup VasoBlitz or FullBlitz on you can use code “Bob15” for 15% off your order and free shipping. This will bring VasoBlitz under $29.75/30 Servings and FullBlitz around $34 for 24 Servings


Open for the opportunity

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I’d love to try it. It’s the absolute fuckin’ rage at my gym, maybe at least in part since the guys here at Kabuki are closely tied to the BFF brand.

As mentioned in other threads, I am historically not a fan of Y, but I heard the 2-DMAE really smooths that out, which really interests me.

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Anyone logging this fasted @TheSolution? If not, I’d be willing

Plenty of people workout in a fasted state. I know @Dougefresh93 had a workout or two with it and maybe @Anthony can chime in. Both have logs on here. and I have 3 other reviewers on anabolic minds who train in a fasted and fed state to compare and contrast what they get out of the product.

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Closest I’ve come to training fasted is just a Body Armour, but that’s bringing carbs and sodium. So getting a 100% fasted opinion would be a good call


I recently reviewed VasoBlitz on AM. Most days I would train fasted, granted I do sip on BCAAs throughout my workout so you can argue I do not train completely fasted, but to me thats kind of semantics. I actually tried both since I lift first thing in the morning, I have done nothing (sip on BCAAs) and 25g Carbs, 25g Protein (sip on BCAAs). Honestly you get the pump either way, but you do notice it a bit more when you have some sort of nutrients in ya! I know this was kind of back and forth, but bottom line is yes pumps work great even when fasted!! Fullblitz is TBD for me!

Man, fasted training makes me feel like DEATH, I dunno how y’all do it.

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Energy levels are DEFINITELY better and more maintained throughout a lift if I get some carbs and protein in prior, but honestly I just do not get hungry early, so anything I do is completely forced. Pros and Cons to it all I suppose!!

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Down to review. I reviewed VasoBlitz so looking forward to trying this.

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Let us get some Apps!
Hope to get winners/reviewers chosen by Sunday, and this way I can ship on Monday!

I would do a review if asked
Love VasoBlitz and FullBlitz is en route

Lol too bad I just bought this last week. Oh well, I am enjoying the feedback on it so far, and once I finish my opened tub of Ghost Legend I will either got FullBlitz or try Kraken! Sounds like another great BFF product though, even for use Non Y responders!


Shoot me an email with the following information:

City, State, Zip

I will try to get these out for you Monday!

Any questions about your logging/reviewing experience please let me know. I have a pretty decent example above as a guideline for you!


!!! Sent Bob and thank you!


Got you buddy

@AfroPope @Msseffect please get your info over when you can to me.
I would like to ship these tomorrow if possible!

Whoops! On it right now.

Sent, thx *

Email please sir

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