Build Fast Formula Eighty:20 24-Hour Protein Protocol

Build Fast Formula Eighty:20 Protein 24-Hour Amino Plasma Protocol

Build Fast Formula 24-Hour Amino Plasma Protocol

What is Eighty:20?

  • EIGHTY:20 combination of Whey/Casein provides the best of both worlds.

** Fast & Slow digesting Proteins

*** 1 serving of EIGHTY:20 – will hit 6-hours of MPS (Anabolic) & 8-Hours of MPB (anti-catabolic)

Benefits of Blends:
Improve Lean Body Mass
Better Muscle Growth:
Higher Rate of Muscle Protein Synthesis
Increase Muscle Protein Synthesis

The combination of micellar casein and whey stimulates muscle protein synthesis (MPS) for six hours, inhibits muscle protein breakdown (MPB), and has been scientifically proven to have greater nitrogen retention than whey or micellar casein alone.

Benefits of the Build Fast Formula Eighty:20 24-Hour Protocol:

Build Fast Formula is the first brand to come out with a protein protocol. This protocol is to keep your muscle gains and achieve your goals by keeping a 24-Hours of amino acids in the blood plasma.

Other Key Points:

  • Build Fast Formula Eighty:20 is now available in a Triple Stack

** 3 Bags for Under $90

  • For $1.19/Serving each serving gives you 6-hours of MPS and 8-hours of Amino acids in the blood plasma

  • For $3.60/Day this gives you 24 hours of amino acids in the blood plasma

  • This will maximize Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS), and prevent muscle protein breakdown. (Cheaper than a protein bar or two)

  • An ideal way to set up this process is to supplement Eighty:20 between whole food meals to maximize Muscle Protein Synthesis.

-This will allow protein levels to reach their refractory stages before being spiked again. A good setup is whole food meals and filling in the gaps with Eighty:20 protein.


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First-class product… looking forward to the Chocolate PB.

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You and me BOTH!

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