BSN Amino-X Ingredients Questioned: Canadian Label Exposed

When reading a label, you have to be extremely careful, as you’re going to see today. Usually on the PricePlow blog we cover the newest products, interesting studies, or fun reviews. Today, we turn our attention to the Canadian and European side of the industry, where supplement labels are more …
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Excellent post gyys، i will never buy a BSN product.

Wow...very alarming if true. i thought i did my due diligence when researching bcaa's (i google searched 'leucine content aminox' on a very popular supp forum) and i believe a rep posted saying there was 4g of leucine at a 2:1:1 ratio. now i really wonder how much is in there ...and i have 3 30 serving tubs (unopened) + a 70 serving tub. lol. can't wait to drink my taurine juice tomorrow.

Unfortunately, what was true in a prop blend yesterday may not be true today. It can be wiggled from batch to batch and still be compliant in the label.

The post you found was here:

Interestingly, that rep is now a rep for a competitor. There's no way of knowing if they were right *then* let alone *now*.

i should have just stuck with xtend.

Great catch, this is very disturbing,with all of the competition companies still are choosing to put the bulk of their resources into marketing instead of bringing a better product to market.

A prop blend is bad, a prop blend inside a prop blend... well with this trick they can fool you as much as they want and you'll never know. I'll never buy such a product, specially when there are dozens of others better and with open labels.