BPI Best PRE Workout - A Keto Diet Pre Workout?

Originally published at: BPI “Best PRE Workout” – Is it Really Though?

BPI Sports has released a brand new product tilted Best Pre Workout, utilizing the keto-inducing power of BHB to help you burn fat for fuel during workouts. When it comes to crafting out of the box formulas, BPI Sports is at the top of the list. While most of the… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Trying to get more keto discussion going again mike?

Like most of BPIs product they could be good but I can’t tell due to the blend, so I come to the conclusion of likely not.

I literally have no clue why these are getting re-published here. I think this is a bug.

I changed the categories on a few of these way older posts, and that may have done a “re-publishing”. Ugh!

Another S*** supplement from the industry’s king of crap (and flavor)


Have you seen their new nootropic formula? Its loaded!


Just found the next nootropic product for me to tear apart on the blog!

Thanks @Christianmelon

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No problem :stuck_out_tongue:
Il let you have this one, working on another post about health.

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Aren’t the RDA percentages they list wrong? 6mcg of B12 should be 100% and 10mg zinc should be 67% I thought.

This company sure knows how to impress the educated consumer :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Well it might be good at 4 SCOOPS CMON

… I just thought about how ridiculous it is that this needs to be 4 scooped…

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no one wants that…lol

but it tastes good…:smiley:

Fuking joke of a company. Makes money on consumer stupidity

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It’s definitely loaded with great ingredients… that are all microdosed!!!

Ugh. I think I’d get more focus out of eating two eggs

And glycine is a sleep aid for many!

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