BOGO75% Off Primeval Labs

BOGO75% Off Primeval Labs


While Supplies Last

  • Add 2 Products (Must be the same)
    50% off will be applied
    Use coupon FB25 to save another 25% off.

2 Mega Pre’s for $55
2 EAA Max for $44

Not the best promo we have seen for the company compared to other retailers BOGO’s


It’s no the best, but it’s definitely interesting given it’s their direct site.


A1 has BOGO on EAA MAX $20 a Tub


2 Tubs are $37.50 for 2 Tubs of Mega PRE
under $20/Tub


I wonder why they are running so many sales now


Remember to use the Email30 code instead of the Facebook one. $35 for two


How many times have you paid $50 for a pwo? That’s why lol


It’s a good deal, but whenever I see so many sales for one company, I immediately get concerned


They are going to be making another version of mega pre soon

If you follow them on IG they hinted at it going “darker” you guys should like what ya see


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, very interesting


Are you sure it’s a reformulation? Or maybe just another flavor?


Reform as stated by Anthony their VP
I asked about flavors yes they have more of those too