BOGO Free I AM Supreme by Olympus Labs

BOGO Free I AM Supreme by Olympus Labs

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2 Tubs Shipped for $42.50


What’s the verdict on this ? Anyone use it


This is Re1gn by Olympus labs rebranded into a different name.
If you used that before, this is the same formula.

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Ahh ok, thought it was the new new lol


New New = Levels

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Didn’t they revamp flavors for the black magic edition though? Originals were awful


Yes, the flavors are vastly improved

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FDA issues warning letters regarding DMHA and phenibut

BOGO Is back

Coupon Code: IAMBOGO

this is going to be discontinued as Levels / No Mercy make their way to production.

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Originally they said it would stick around. Is it removed because of the DMHA letters?
Similarly Bloodshred is immediate out of stock


That’s what I have heard from it being DC’d
Not 100% confirmed,