BOGO free C4 Smart Energy Black Cherry @ Vitamin Shoppe

Just a heads up. A local vitamin shoppe made me aware of this upcoming promo. Their exclusive Black Cherry C4 Smart Energy will be $1 per can. This will run 2/4-2/7. The promo will be followed by BOGO50 on all C4 energy drink cases for the remainder of the month.


Thats a awesome promo!!! Thanks for sharing!

Starts tomorrow
Bumping for those who wanna try it.


For those that have tried the other flavors up to this point. Black Cherry is like Freedom ice but has more of a slightly deeper tart bite. Freedom ice is sweeter of the two.

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Freedom ice is a bomb pop
Black cherry is a black cherry
They are 2 different flavors
Similar to the black cherry off the original C4 carbonated line

I don’t see a similarity at all trying them myself.
But as you know taste is subjective

Is this going to be in store only or online as well?

$1 is in store

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They’re definitely two different flavors objectively. My palate is drawn to the red berry flavoring between these two. That’s where my comparison comes from. If you give me anything freedom pop, what I’ll taste first is the red out of the blend.

I pick up far more blue raspberry out of the freedom ice. If we are talking cherry the cherry limeade from the OG C4 is where I find the cherry carryover the most. Since the limeade is more after taste

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Has anyone taken advantage of this deal? Is there a limit ?

I’ll know the limits by tomorrow night at the latest. I’m getting at least a case worth, if not two.

There is no limit. Just checked in-store rn.

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Looks like my lunch break is going to VS!

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Bought em all


I just bought case #1… Debating on getting a second one.


My store only had 5 drinks :frowning:

Funniest part was the young girl goes
“You look like chef bob from ghost”

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They can order more for you to lock in the in-store price. The location by my house had 6 cases to start the day.

They were totally out with nothing else to grab.
Mostly looking to snag BR SPK Ghost Energy which she said is coming soon.
nowhere around me has it.