Protein Bars

Hold crap these are good. I don’t expect a lot from the company, but these bars have incredible taste and texture. The cookie dough flavor reminds me of the “cookie dough bites” candy that I used to get at the movie theatre.

Anyone had the other flavor(s)?

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I didn’t even know they had Protein Bars…


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I’ve had the PB and CnC, they are both pretty tasty. Hope they stay in business for a couple more years


I assumed they’d be crap. I was getting requests to review them, but boy was I wrong.

The texture and moisture they had was the driving factor for me. Felt like I was biting into a candy bar.

Dammit Matt! You’re going to cost me money here.

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I really like all the flavors but the chocolate peanut butter is by far one of my favorite of all protein bars. The peanut butter definitely overpowers the chocolate and the texture alone makes it stand out from most bars.

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Haha. I’m not a big bar person - but these might be my new favorite.

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Better than the MTS Outright bar ?

Keeps us in suspense…

I like the outright bar as a “whole food” replacement. It reminds me of these oat/peanut butter cookies my mom used to make (no bake cookies).

If I want more of a candy bar style bar, then the bar is what I’d go for. Since I always have a sweet tooth and want candy, this bar would probably win over the Outright Bar.

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@Matt_Towson how does it sit on your stomach. I’m not much of a ‘bar guy’ myself, and one of the reasons is that some sit funny with me. But I do like the Outright Bars for when I travel.

And thank you of course.

@SteelerBill13 I’m gonna send you a couple. One of each flavor. DM your address!

They sit in my stomach very well. However, I’ve never really gotten much stomach discomfort from any bar, except the quest bars.

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Matt you are a scholar and an athlete…

I just ordered them and will keep everyone posted of course.