Lays off 90 Employees. See Both Sides Here

A most dramatic year for is coming to a nasty end, as the Idaho-based Internet retailer just laid off 90 workers via email in a “pre-Christmas downsizing”, per the Idaho Statesman[1] and KTB7.[2] issued the following statement: “Today announced an organizational downsizing. The change is part of …
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Most of the time (post 2008) that is how layoffs work. The old style "we appreciate all you've done for us ..." meetings are pretty much a thing of the past. And being told to leave immediately is again very very common. It's for safety and security reasons. Even when you give notice that you are leaving a job for another job, it is not all that uncommon to be told to leave within a day or two of giving two weeks notice.

Thanks for the input Larry. Never been through a layoff, the last job I quit (to work on this full-time), I was given time to train the next guy but then they told me to peace out, and I don't blame them. Corporate espionage is also a risk and good reason to do it fast. But email?????

I got laid off (first and only as a digital marketing professional) with a text once... It's a weird and surprisingly gutless world out there.

Actually, I may need to call out my own hypocrisy for the record. I terminated my last contractor contract with an email. Maybe I went a bit too hard on Bodybuilding here

When I got laid off it was just another day, went home, knock on my door. A server from a local attorney serving me with my we're letting you go papers. Do not come within such and such feet of the office. So cold.

When I look at how convenient, helpful, and community-based that BodySpace was back in 2010/2011, and compare it with the boondoggle it has become, I'm not surprised they are dying.