Body Nutrition Trutein

Anyone here try multiple flavors from them? I’ve had the Cinnabun and Choco Peanut Butter which were good, but wondering about the rest.

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I have, which ones are you looking at? For what it’s worth, only Lemon Meringue Pie is a repeat purchase for me.

I had a few flavors in the past And they were all really good

None in particular, they’re all on sale at bestprice. But it doesn’t look like they do 3rd party testing

They used to be the absolute kings as far as flavor goes, they were highly recommended back in the day when I started lifting. Never had a bad flavor from them.

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I know at some point they had a third party test done showing content was accurate but this was a few years ago. No clue now. At $25, I would at least get the lemon. One of the best flavors still to this date.

They have never posted a COA or 3rd party test. I’ve met the owner twice in real life ( at the Olympia and Arnold Classic) and he never has had one done. Not to mention he was in jail twice for domestic violence/abuse

That’s never a good image for your company. Nobody ever forgets the O-Ring scandal where they found those in the shamrock shake flavor and Greg would not send out replacement tubs with objects found in the powder . Lousy CS

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Is that bad? (insert sarcasm font)

I think it’s a right of passage, supplement company owners and problems with the law because that list is long. It was a rep who made me aware of a coa but then again, many if not most company reps are full of shit. I recall the o-ring thing, was actually hilarious the responses.

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The O-ing thing is like, bad manufacturing, shit happens, just do your best to make it right. Not replacing the tubs? Bad service for sure. But domestic violence? Yeah, I’ve dropped companies over less. Damn.