Body Fortress LAWSUIT: Amino Acid Spiking Class Action UPDATED

Update November 2016: This was the first amino acid spiking case, and it’s ever-slowly progressing. Click here to read the November 2016 case updates. This article was originally posted on July 2, 2014. IT HAS BEGUN. Last month, we wrote a detailed report about amino acid spiking, which is when …
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Now who would have suspected that the Walmart brand was full of cheap filler?


Ive been using this product for 2 years. Do I have to contact anyone about it?

You don't have to do anything. You can contact the law firm if you wish though.

I'm curious as to whether you have reviewed the new label on Body Fortress' Super Advanced Whey Protein. They obviously were quick on the draw to relabel and call the new version "new and improved". It now states 20 grams of protein...I suspect it is the same product simply correctly labeled. What is your take on this?

Thank you

Well thanks for that comment! We'll need to blog about this.

This can go one of two ways:
1. There's 20g of whey protein, plus the additional 3g of "Super Recovery Blend" (creatine / taurine / glutamine). In this case, that is actually illegal. The taurine and glutamine technically DO need to be counted as protein, per the laws, which are outdated for our purposes.

2. There's 17g of whey protein, plus the additional 3g of Super Recovery Blend, which makes 20g. That's the legal label, but is still "spiked".

Point is, the whole thing is a rotten mess. They're either doing it legally right and are ripping you off, or they're doing it "ethically right" which is illegal.

And now you have 6g of maltodextrin (sugar), which is effectively just taking up space and lowering the real "grams of protein per dollar" calculation that we like to keep track of on our hot deals page.

So, if you trust it, have at it. We'll pass.

Nope, don't trust 'em a bit!

It was the new label that got me googling "body fortress rip-off" which led me to this website. I have already run through your protein selector and chosen a couple to try.

I was really just curious what your take on the conveniently timed 'new formula" was. I appreciate all the info.

Should be a wild mess to watch...


Well thanks for stopping by!

I appreciate you asking the question, and have posted a blog about this with questions and analysis for Body Fortress:

Stay tuned...!

I've been using this product for over 5 years. This current label, as found on your Sept. 24 2014 blog, is the third change since I have been taking this. I am going to switch, as I can not trust a company that keeps changing its product for their benefit, and not mine. Thanks for the information!

Thanks for sharing this information and research. I too have bought this product and wondered about the label change. Also, to learn about some of these companies amino spiking really puts a bad taste in my mouth. Defintiely will be looking for another product moving forward.....

I think NBTY owns Body Fortress along with Vitamin World (Precision Engineered products). Does that mean that Precision Engineered products are suspect too?