BMI Smart: Genius Weight Loss or Overpriced Pill Pack?

Typically on the blog, we cover just one product per day whether it be a pre workout, protein powder, or fat burner. However, today you’re in luck because we’re feeling a little generous. We’re going to cover an entire system of products. You may have seen ads in your local …
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My friend bought me I-REMOVE and I-CONTROL because I refused to buy but after several months I noticed my pants need a belt now and they really work. You have to diet still its not something that works without dieting but it does what they promise which is make you lose the weight faster than if you just dieted without the pills. Could not get these results when just dieting. I recommend it very worth it.

I started exactly 2weeks ago Thurs, I was 186 and 2weeks later after taking product as directed and exercising 6 days a week, I don't eat fried, whites(pasta, rice, bread, sugar) I now weigh 194.... This is the saddest time of my weight lost journey... What should I do should I keep going or should I stop?

Start counting your calories (EVERYTHING you eat) in MyFitnessPal, setup some good macronutrient goals and stick to them! Use a food scale and weigh out / enter your foods in BEFORE eating them. Then you will never go over your caloric budget. Just some quick tips. Counting calories/macros is the only guaranteed way, pill or no pill