Blue Star Nutraceuticals presents: AminoFast! Win one of 3 containers of our new Stamina, Energy or Shred Series

Blue Star Nutraceuticals presents: AminoFast! Win one of 3 containers of our new Stamina, Energy or Shred Series

Alright PricePlow nation, it’s time for another Blue Star giveaway and this time, it’s for our improved AminoFast Intra Workout Bcaa Energy drink!

We want to give away 3 containers to members of the PricePlow nation. Your choice in what series, your choice in flavor. We have some amazing new flavors like one of my favorites, Sour Gummy Bear in the new Shred series and Sour Green Apple in the Energy series.

To win one of these containers, we want you to do the following:

  1. Tell us if you use an Intra Workout product and why. You don’t need to tell us which product, just what you’re looking for in one and why. If you don’t use one, that’s fine you can say that and still be eligible.
  2. Agree to do a detailed review here on PricePlow after a minimum of 5 uses during a workout. All reviews must be within 30 days of receiving the product.
  3. Extra consideration for those who follow us on Instagram and/or FaceBook
  4. Cannot have won a Blue Star Nutraceuticals product in the last 30 days.

Science behind AminoFast

We will select winners over the next couple of weeks. Let’s get those entries in!


im 4 support… Blueberry Mojito sounds good


I usually use intra workouts for the carbs to enhance performance. I normally go with a body armor or similar sports drink, plus the aminos to help with recovery and reducing DOMS. I definitely notice more soreness when I don’t regularly supplement with aminos intra workout.

Followed on IG!

  1. Yes, I currently use a BCAA intra-workout. It is one with four grams per scoop at the 2:1:1 ratio and I use two scoops per workout. Since I follow an OMAD eating protocol, I use it for an energy boost mid-workout and also for something flavorful to drink during the second half of my training. I will sometimes use a second scoop in the evening during my LISS cardio session.

  2. I agree to the terms of the review.

  3. Following on the socials :slight_smile:

  4. Have not won a Blue Star Nutraceuticals product in the last 30 days

Flavor Interest: Gummy Bear from the Shred series

Thank you

  1. I don’t currently use an intraworkout product.
  2. I will definitely post a detailed review within 30 days.
  3. Following you guys on both Instagram and Facebook.
  4. I have not won a Blue Star Nutraceuticals product in the last 30 days.

Legit have that one. I haven’t opened it, curious myself

Gummy bear is awesome! Great flavor, used it this morning

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In for support. All the flavors sounds tasty.


1.Yes, I usually like an intra to keep me going especially for long leg days and because I can only drink so much water during the workout.
2. Absolutely would post up a review if I win.
3. Following/liked.
4.Never won a Blue Star contest.


Good entries so far, let’s keep them coming.

New flavors are pretty damn good and better than existing imo. I will say white freezie is still up there.

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In for support–i already have an intra that I’m satisfied with, and i don’t think I’m eligible anyhow!

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So as an intra user, what are you looking for in one?

New AminoFast looks good so I’m in on this.

  1. I use an Intra Workout for the dose of amino acids and also for something tasty to sip on during training. I usually look for at least 5 g BCAA’s in 2:1:1 form or the 9 EAA. Its a plus if there are extras like electrolytes and glutamine. I like the profile of the Shred Series and it would be great to help finish up my cut.

  2. Agree to the detailed review.

  3. Following.

  4. Have not won in last 30 days.


Generally speaking, there’s a certain amount of time after my workout that I go without eating, just due to my schedule and when I have time to lift. So I’m looking for what is essentially a light meal replacement; a fair amount of protein/aminos, and a good carb source.

Also I do giant sets and do not rest whatsoever in my current programming, so electrolytes are much appreciated, cause I lose probably 3 pounds in sweat every time I lift.


Brah… it is. :sunglasses:

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Can confirm that Blueberry Mojito is tasty af

Get in on this guys and gals before we pull names.

  1. In. I love intra-workouts because I have a long fasting window. Usually 2+ scoop the average BCAA product. I will go on a bike ride or hike with only a 32 oz bottle of intra.

  2. Agreed

  3. Sorry, I’ll admit I’m not up to date on social media

  4. Nope

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Blueberry Mojito does sound interesting but I think I’d most like to try the Gummy Bear

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Last call, pulling names this weekend


Sounds good :smiley:

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