Blue Star Nutraceuticals AminoFast Shred Series - Raspberry Lemonade

Blue Star Nutraceuticals AminoFast Shred Series - Raspberry Lemonade

I just received my package from Blue Star Nutraceuticals over the weekend and wanted to give a shout out to @Adidasshorts for hooking me up! Also, the shaker cup was a nice added bonus that I wasn’t expecting on top of the AminoFast Shred Series product. For my review, I chose to test out the AminoFast Shred series in Raspberry Lemonade.

Currently, I workout fasted most weekdays around 6:00 AM for about an hour and train fed once or twice on the weekends depending on my schedule. I don’t use an intraworkout at the moment, so this will be a nice addition to my fasted workouts in the morning and hopefully I will see some good results throughout this trial period. Also, I am currently trying to decrease my caffeine intake/tolerance, so I am taking two scoops of Ghost Pump as my preworkout since this is a non-stim product.

This morning was my first workout using the AminoFast Shred product. I’ve decided to sip on it during my workouts but the nutrition label recommends taking it immediately before, during, or after a workout, so timing is really left up to each individual. I mixed one scoop with 16 oz of water, as this is the minimum recommended amount of water on the label. As soon as I took my first sip, the flavor was very overwhelming and almost too strong for my liking. I will definitely dilute the flavoring with more water next time and probably use 20-24 oz of water. If you like strong flavoring, this product is definitely for you. As for the raspberry lemonade flavor, the sour aspect of the lemonade is much more noticeable but you do get the sweet aftertaste of the raspberry after a few seconds. I really like this flavor and tend to lean more towards sour preworkouts anyway, so this flavor is definitely one I usually prefer to consume. There weren’t any noticeable effects during my workout but I believe this product is intended more for optimal recovery and producing results over a longer period of time so I will report back with more findings after more uses/workouts.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like me to touch on anything specific throughout this trial period.


Right on! Thanks for sharing!

Oh yeah! Another Shred winner! Thank you Bryan for getting this up. I would love to hear how your workouts go as you use it. Like I mentioned in Devins thread, this formula is one I am most interested in people’s thoughts. I have yet to try that flavor but soon.

Looking forward to your experience as you use it for the week!


I’ve been using this for about a week now and wanted to provide an update on what I’ve noticed so far. As I said I would, I’ve been taking this intra workout when I train fasted first thing in the morning. Before my workouts this past week, I have been using Ghost Pump and no stims in order to lower my caffeine tolerance. I don’t know if it is directly because of the AminoFast Shred product, but I haven’t noticed a significant crash or drag that I would normally experience first thing in the morning without much caffeine. This has definitely helped my workouts maintain their intensity without needing caffeine to get through them. Therefore, I also haven’t had much of a crash later in the work day so my energy has just been better maintained all day without constantly needing a boost of caffeine.

Another thing I have noticed is that I don’t get nearly as hungry towards the end of my workouts when taking this during my workout. Usually I start to feel hunger pangs towards the end of my workout when training fasted and it usually causes me to speed through the end of my workouts to get my first meal in. However, this past week, I have been able to push back my first meal without any discomfort until about an hour or so after my workout has concluded. This just works better for my schedule in the mornings.

Lastly, while I haven’t noticed significant effects during my workouts yet like an increase in performance or intensity, I haven’t had nearly as significant of DOMS after my workouts that I normally do. This product has definitely helped with recovery after workouts.


Yeah I’ve always felt intra workout carbs help to reduce the crash from my pres

So this edition does not have the carbs of the other edition but it has other goodies.

The Taurine which is a proven ergogen is a whopping 3g dose along with the synephrine and NALC. Along with the coconut water powder at a gram and the HSS, this is an ultimate hydration agent. And with the Taurine and Glutamine, you actually get the enzymatic environment for bcaas to possibly be used as an energy substrate.

Many companies and formulators don’t realize what environment the body needs for exogenous bcaas to have any type of effects. I still say possibly be used as I wish there was more data around the combo. But biologically, you need the other two.

I can’t say that this is what you’re experiencing because I am a firm disbeliever in one experience. And you may be experiencing better cellular hydration which is always a win.

We do appreciate the review and thoughts around the product. I am currently using this edition as well and may use it for a couple months straight for my own experience.

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Just another quick update. I have been using this pretty much every day first thing in the morning, including off days from the gym, and one thing I have noticed is that I am able to really push back my first meal on off days with little to no hunger. I don’t follow intermittent fasting so not sure if a product like this would qualify as still fasting if consumed but I feel like it would definitely help someone that does follow it. Outside of this and some coffee, I didn’t have my first meal yesterday until 2 pm when I sat down to watch football. This wasn’t entirely intentional, as I was just running errands in the morning and forgot to get some food in until then.