Blackstone Labs King Cobra experience

So today in tge morning I took my first bill of King Cobra after my breakfast.

This is my first time experience with fat burners as well as DMAA.

It’s been several hours, but I still have an unusual headache and nausea.

Is this normal with this kind of supplements?

Are you sensitive to Yohimbe?

Yes and no, I got the same thing from lipodrene.(among other issues)
Are you experienced with this level of stimulants?

This is my first experience…

yes King Cobra is Super Stim! Make sure you stay hydrated, that nasuea feeling is part of the appitite suppression along w/ the Yo … i would start off with half a pill and work my way up. Thats what i did when i tried Lipodrene w/DMAA & Epehdra

I have experience with eria jarensis, 350+mg caffeine and DMHA…

It actually is a soft gell capsules… So half is a no option… I might need to increase my water intake…

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Take it with your breakfast if your not doing so

I’m betting it’s a bad reaction to it, just hydrate more and try again tomorrow. If you feel the same, then it’s not for you.

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hope you didn’t pay the ridiculous $120 Suppz is charging.

I personal prefer the Viper X which is only like $40 on A1 (if i remember correctly)

and it comes in powder form, so you can adjust the serving size to help assess tolerance.

I got it before it got its price jacked up.

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Second day in, I took the cap with a big breakfast.

And just when I started to have a headache, I had an espresso, and walla… Extra dose of caffeine fix everything…

Though, I don’t feel like eating…

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I like this suggestion when taking something strong for the first time. After a full stomach hits you a bit less hard.

But if you’re a yohimbe hater you’re a yohimbe hater, not much you can do about that either way :frowning_face:

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Here to update on my experience after close to consuming a bottle.

I’m taking a capsule in the morning with a breakfast and one in the evening with a meal since I’m fasting and skipping lunch.

When I take the capsules with a good size meal, I’d feel great and my workout in the evening will be the way I want (strength training with a combination of 8x8 and 5x5)

But if for some reason the meal wasn’t good (since I’m traveling) I would be mood swinging and maybe feel sleepy for the first couple of hours then I’m good to go.

So far I lost 8 pounds and my strength is about %70-80 from what I was before starting dieting.

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