Black Magic Supply-BZRK

Black Magic Supply-BZRK

Just picked this up yesterday in peach rings flavor. Anyone else crash really bad off of this? Did 1 scoop in 10oz. water today on my off day just to try it out. Sipped on it for a few hours as a late afternoon pick me up and I can’t stop yawning afterwards. Not sure if it’s something in the prop blend, or if it has anything to do with not consuming my normal amount of water today, but I’m feeling really weird. It goes from euphoria and energy to yawning and feeling butterflies in my stomach and anxious.

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I get that feeling, and a nasty taste in the mouth, after the crash with anything with DMHA

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I don’t have any crazy taste in my mouth, but I honest to god couldn’t stop yawning every 30 seconds for almost 45 minutes straight. It was ridiculous.

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Guess those “Psychoactive Waves” don’t last forever :man_shrugging:


I’ve never gotten that before, but I usually just throw it back and don’t sip on it lol

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Yeah you nailed it. I was just about to update that I mixed 1 scoop with 8oz. Water today and slammed it 15 mins before lifting. Hit me hard and never once got any sign of crashing. Actually very pleased with the overall stim effect for having a prop blend- plus the flavor is amazing. Mental focus was definitely a 10/10 with this and had a good euphoric buzz for about an hour and a half.

Must have been a weird anomaly coupled with sipping it over an extended period.


I’ve noticed that with a few different pres in the past. It’s really weird, isn’t it?


Absolutely. I can’t come to any conclusions as to why ingesting over an extended period would yield different results, but all that matters is it works for what it’s intended for. :+1:


I got this when I sipped on re1gn over an extended period of time. Maybe this because of sipping it creates an extended release of the dmha which most likely has a short half life, leaving you with small spurts of dopamine release in the brain with no build up. When consuming the dmha in a bolus the substance may build up in the brain causing one very large and somewhat long increase in energy instead of a continuous sip, spike and crash, sip ,spike and crash, etc…

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Now that you mention this, I can see that is probably exactly what was happening. Found my sweet spot with 3/4 scoop in 8oz water, and really enjoying it this far. Threw back a little ghost pump with it and had a great workout. Will stick to the 3D energy and C4 to sip on during the day haha

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