Bff vasoblitz log

1st day using vasoblitz [watermelon flavor]
Doing a moderate/light shoulder workout consisting of dumbells overhead press/barbell upright rows/dumbell side laterals/cable overhead press/barbell shrugs/front dumbell raises

I train soon as i wake up so i do 1tsbp of brain octane oil & 1tsbp of apple cider vinegar.
I add 15g of fermented bcaa pre workout and another 15g intraworkout with a hydration complex.

Taste - 10/10
Literally tastes like Jolly Rancher :watermelon:

Performance- 7/10
Definitely felt the pump going and veins bulging but nothing tooooo crazy. Only day 1 so i expect better results with every workout

Mix- 10/10
Simple powder with no mess

Thank you for starting the log.


Where did this guy go?

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