BFF Vaso + FullBlitz Rundown

BFF Vaso + FullBlitz Rundown

So first off, a huge shout out to Bob for the opportunity to log and review these. I had been hearing rave reviews about both of these products at my gym - a rarity with supplements, which people generally don’t talk about in my experience (I’ve never had someone come up to me in the locker room and talk protein with me, your mileage may vary). Getting to try them for myself is fun - I’m one of the guys now.

On Wednesday night, I came home to a LOADED package, a FULL TUB of FullBliz and a sample tub of VasoBlitz. Hell Yeah.

I elected to try VasoBlitz first, for a few reasons - namely that I did not eat according to my normal schedule yesterday and took my ADD meds a little later in the day than normal, so I didn’t want to introduce a new stimulant into the equation (I am not sensitive to Y as far as I know, but I don’t usually take supplements containing it), especially not on a work night on a nearly-empty stomach.

I’m not usually a watermelon guy, but the VasoBlitz has a nice tartness to it that makes it enjoyable. It has a much thicker consistency than many pre-workouts I’ve tried - not quite a protein powder, of course, but it definitely has a syrupy quality to it when two scoops are mixed with 10oz of cold water. Mixes easily, tiny bit of grit at the bottom. Also, it’s pink.

For reasons I don’t fully understand given the ingredient panel of VasoBlitz, I found myself incredibly dialed-in and focused at the gym last night. Also, regarding the pump - believe the hype. I did shoulder presses and accessory work (face pulls, arnold presses, shrugs, lateral raises) last night and I still have a little bit of a pump in my shoulders this morning. You really could use this as an all day pump product. I believe it.

So, tonight I’ll be trying FullBlitz.

My food/water intake is pretty standard from day to day. I eat about 2400 calories a day, roughly 225c/190p/75f. I bring my meals from home and prep 'em every week. So here’s what my food intake will look like before I hit the gym around 7pm today.

11am - overnight oats with steel cut oats, greek yogurt, protein powder, chia seeds, and whole milk.
2pm - 4.5oz grilled chicken with brown rice, black beans, sweet corn, mixed greens
4:30pm - 1 scoop protein powder, banana, peanut butter

at 6:30pm I’m going in for some prehab with one of the coaches at my gym and will slam down two scoops of FullBlitz before I start lifting. Will report in with my findings tomorrow morning.

Thanks again to Bob for the opportunity to try this stuff. I’m a believer already.

Build Fast Formula Full Blitz Review Opportunity

Here we GO!

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Got done with my deep tissue massage last night and felt like I’d had the shit beaten out of me. If I’ve had a more excruciatingly painful experience in my life, I can’t recall it. Highly recommended. Need a few more sessions to repair about 7 years of biomechanical issues, but so far so good. Incredibly in-depth and scientific, involving gait analyses and laser measurements. Very cool!

Before I took my first serving of FullBlitz last night, I saw a familiar face on the tub:

Cheers bro, I’ll drink to that.

That’s why everyone at my gym has been talking about the stuff!

Diet went exactly as expected yesterday, good amount of water (I don’t track, but I know I did at least 80oz between the massage and my workout last night).

Two scoops of Rainbow candy in 10oz ice cold water. Very nice tartness to it, they nailed the Skittles flavor.

Now, let’s talk about the effects: holy shit. Energy comes on quickly, but smoothly. No jitters or cold sweats, beta alanine tingles are very subtle and I didn’t feel them for the first hour or so. Even with a leg that felt like it had been sent through a wood chipper, I got all my squats in (a little lighter than normal) and all my accessory work in - and I still had energy. I did not want to do anything other than lift, so I just started doing cosmetic stuff. Few sets of curls, ab work, and a lot more stretching and mobility work. I left the gym after about 90 minutes and felt like I still could have kept going. The focus was really incredible and the pump is insane. I was in a great mood, too, but I don’t know how much of that is attributable to the FullBlitz and how much is the endorphin rush of a deep tissue massage. I did crash pretty hard about four hours later, but I can’t tell if that’s from the Y, which, again, I don’t have a lot of experience with, or just because I kicked my ass super hard. Excited to keep logging this stuff - apparently the effects of the nitrates build up over time.

Today’s my off day and I have an album to record. I’ve taken some VasoBlitz, two scoops stirred in cold water. Mixed easily. I’ll see how it helps with my muscular endurance, an important factor if you’re a metal bassist who doesn’t use a pick. I’ll keep everyone posted.

Absolutely loving this stuff so far.


Hell yes
Love the detail

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VasoBlitz on the off day wasn’t TOO noticeable, which I suppose is the idea.

Tried FullBlitz on a mostly-empty stomach yesterday. Hadn’t had enough water working on my car and hadn’t given myself time to eat since a big breakfast. Weekends are always tough for me with keeping my diet in check since my workday routine doesn’t apply.Wasn’t as cool as when I took it rested, hydrated, and fed, haha! Still no sweats or jitters, still a great pump, but a little bit of GI distress that I attribute to the Y. Not too bad but definitely noticeable. Energy and focus lasted the rest of the day (took it around 4:30). Had a little bit of trouble sleeping, but I’m quite stim-tolerant so I think this is unrelated.

Tonight I’m gonna try one scoop of each on a fuller stomach and see how that works. My sciatica is really flaring up (thus the deep tissue work) so I’ll see if I can do some deadlifts tonight. If not, I’ll just do more rows and hyperextensions with my usual back accessory work.


Not to derail the thread, but I’m beginning to believe I may have this. Any form of DL is the sure trigger to bring it on…

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A lot of loggers/reviewers enjoy the 1+1 for a lower-stim option (Around 170mg), plus getting the full benefits of the pump ingredients. This is why you have both to mess around and see what works best for you


Yeah, I don’t have it as a chronic issue - hasn’t flared up for years - but I have a lot of biomechanical problems that I didn’t properly sort out (I’m doing it now, finally) and when deadlifting a few weeks ago I felt the unmistakable electric pinch of sciatica. It’s like someone hitting you with a cattle prod in the small of your back and having the shock run down the side of your leg. That’s a nerve pinching and that’s how you know, for SURE, it’s sciatica, rather than any other kind of low back/leg pain.


I have never had this diagnosed, but you absolutely nailed the feeling/pain. A couple of years ago the pain itself took me down (Passed out)…went to the hospital etc…recently had it flare up again and every now and then I feel that twinge and immediately back off. I stretch out like a madman before a workout but sometimes you just don’t know what will trigger it. I’ve had to stop DL’s altogether so I may have to turn in my ‘bro’ card.


Nah, some soft tissue work and good stretching/PT will get you right as rain. This is my first time dealing with it in maybe 5 years.

My issues are stranger and more complicated. As a rude punk teen in the 2000s, I wore nothing but chucks for most of my life. Eventually I developed plantar fasciitis, and my body adjusted my gait to compensate, which threw other things out of whack. Preliminary measurements before my tissue work on Friday showed that my right hip was tilted about four degrees further down than my left one, my pelvis was rotated about sixteen degrees to the right with a neutral stance and that my kneecap was almost twenty degrees out of alignment (also to the right). This is all the cause and effect of a lot of muscle tension, tightness, and pain that I’m finally getting ironed out. But it’s not great for being able to train lower body in the interim!


I need to get this ironed out…or at least find someone to iron me out…that’s for sure.

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Any updates or a final review?

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Oh gosh, I thought I posted one!

So here’s the thing - on paper, these are very far from the typical “kitchen sink” preworkouts that I tend to be a fan of, such as NutraBio Pre or Pre-Kaged (RIP LGI Fully Loaded). They’re fairly simple formulas and the only two ingredients that jump out at me in them is the calcium lactate and the arginine nitrate. The arginine nitrate is probably responsible for the pump, but I need to ask the lads at Kabuki about the calcium lactate. The flavors are subtle, but good - not cloying or overpowering like some preworkouts, but you can taste what they were going for with each flavor.

All this is my way of saying that these have absolutely no business being as good as they are. They look pretty run of the mill, but they kick ass. The pump, focus, and endurance are incredible. I get zero jitters or sweats from the Y - the energy is incredibly smooth, the pump lasts into the next day (I lift at night). VasoBlitz stacks well with other formulas - since I’ve got watermelon Quake and watermelon VasoBlitz, I’ve been stacking one scoop of each and that’s been a barnburner - but not as good as one scoop FullBlitz/VasoBlitz, which seems to give an even better pump than either by itself.

VasoBlitz on my off days is the real deal, too. I feel “fuller” even if I’m not doing a damn thing that would give me a pump. It just happens.

In short, these are absolute witchcraft and are my new go-to preworkouts. Believe the hype.


You don’t need to get fancy or have a massive formula to be effective

Sometimes simple is better, BFF VasoBlitz And FullBlitz are exactly that

You ever need a coupon code and free shipping let me know!

The bundle pack is a steal


It sure is! I’ll pick some up soon. Thanks again for giving me the chance to review these!

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Email me anytime buddy if you ever have any questions

Be glad to help! We have some new stuff coming soon! Keep an eye out for future opportunities

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Bob is a machine…not to be confused with Marc Lobliner of course.

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Just checking back in - I two-scooped FullBlitz for the first time in a week or two the other day and had the fucking best chest workout of my life. I think I was in there for ninety minutes because I didn’t want to stop lifting. This is the real deal.

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The Feedback on FullBlitz and VasoBlitz continue to grow stronger week by week.
Appreciate the support
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That was the same thing for me on VasoBLITZ. The endurance was nuts. I was like the energizer bunny! I kept going and going and going.

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