Better Than a Sports Drink! Performax Labs EAminoMax Ingredients

Better Than a Sports Drink! Performax Labs EAminoMax Ingredients


I’ve only begun watching the video - but I have to ask…Aren’t all the Intra-Workout drinks positioned as ‘better than a sports drink?’ Asking for a friend.

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Where you at @Matt_Towson?


I’m mostly on the PricePlow sidelines now, doing primarily sales and outreach.

It was tough for Mike and I to meet up for videos. Considering we are 3.5 hours away. If a company wants both of us for a review and pays for it, we’ll make it happen. : )

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You guys can do a virtual side by side :joy:

@mike is great, but he’s still from Ohio. Too much sports bad blood between Florida and Ohio

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Depends on your sport, I guess! Haha.


Haha yeah kinda, but I don’t think we’d ever named one like that and it’s what came to my mind when doing it. I could also call it a “Weight Loss Friendly Sports Drink”??

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We should someday!!

Oh you’re gonna HATE part of my fasting video, and the bacon one!!

I assume you’re still mad about this CORRECT but unfortunately late call:



SMH, one of the worst calls of all time.


Given the above picture, we can clearly see the correct call was made. It was just late.

Need more evidence?


Clearly? At best, the only thing you can call there is a defensive holding. Let’s also, ignore the fact that the ref right in front of the play called it incomplete. But the back judge, with his x ray vision saw through the Miami players body and called pass interference wayyyy after the play was called dead.

You either think it was a terrible call, or you are an Ohio State fan.


The ball was in the air.





You gotta deal with the fact that OSU manhandled that team and they weren’t expecting it. We heard about it winter long, how good the o-line was, Dorsey this and that, McGahee, etc etc.

Your guys had been beating up on boys all year, our men beat up on your guys.


Manhandled? You guys needed double over time and plenty of ref assistance to win. If you want a no contact sport there’s always flag football :raised_hands:

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Miami got absolutely rocked in that game. By a freshman nonetheless!! Can only image how good Clarett would have been if he didn’t go nuts and try to fight the man

LOL that’s basically what football is anymore. Sport’s in serious trouble as the CTE thing gets worse and worse.

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I think your memory is starting to fail you my friend. Clarett averaged less than 2 yards a carry, got shut down. But yea, what a waste of talent that guy was


Not when stripping the ball back from your feeble-handed interceptor!


Woooeeyyyy mama!


I haven’t seem a conversation turn this heated since I brought up my opinion on oatmeal raisin cookies.


Urban’s out at OSU after this season.

Done some great things but I was over his style of game.


He’ll be back…some think he’ll take a year off then take the USC job…

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