Best pumps Non Stim Pre

Which one has given you the Best pumps? I’ve tried both Serum and MegaPre but I’m curious about Ghost Pump and any Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

A) Ghost Pump
B) Serum by Outbreak
C) MegaPre by Primeval Labs

Having had all three - my vote goes to Ghost Pump. It surpassed my expectations and will be a regular in my stack until something else comes along that is better.


My list

MA Labs MA Pump (Most Complete)
Ghost Pump
Mega Pre
Kraken Pump
Quake Non-Stim

Thats my top 5

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I like MegaPre a lot…haven’t used the other one’s…

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  1. Core Pump, albeit expensive
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Thank you for the Feedback Matt. I’m really interested in trying Ghost Pump.

Thank you. I’m not familiar with MA Labs but I’ll look them up.

I’m not as qualified here because I can only speak to MEGA PRE

Here is my log on another board

Nutrabio PRE Stim - Free :muscle:

Everything PRE has without the Stims!

PUMPS all Day!

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Can anyone speak about MPA CelluVol? That one is forever under the radar.

Nice but not $59.99 nice.


No love for PRE stim free?
It isn’t just a pump formula, but it contains pure citrulline, nitrosigine, and agmatine sulfate


your rep loved it… that counts

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This was pre monday morning coffee, it doesnt count

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You can always buy a formula that uses half of those amounts but priced half of this :slight_smile:

i like some of his formulas but they are made so that one will have to stack most of the products.
cardiosolve looks great actually with arjuna, pycnogenol and ubiquinol. would make for a great pre so he has celluvol. in this case i think it is overdone in dosages a bit and i miss agmatine.
something like:
1g agmatine
8g citrulline-malate
150mg elevatp
100mg primavie
1000mg arjuna
200mg ubiquinol
100mg pycnogenol
2g peakO2

should be doable for 40 retail and make a great performance enhancing product, stacked with stims or not.

would be

I’m not a big non-stim guy, but have used and enjoyed Mega-Pre when on a caffeine break.


Has anyone tried the Axe & Sledge non-stim pre yet?