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My favorite probiotic Evomuse Gut Health has been out of stock for a while now and I’m down to my last bottle. I really like the benefits I get from taking it. I’m much more regular and have less gas. It seems to support my immune system. I rarely get a full blown cold. To keep costs down, I normally only take Gut Health September-March when I’m eating/lifting more and during cold season.

So anybody have another favorite probiotic? I’m eyeing Kaged Muscle Probiotic. PricePlow’s write up on it made me interested. But it’s somewhat pricey compared to Gut Health.

EvoMuse Güt Health One Year Supply | The Ultimate Digestive Optimizer – Evolutionary Muse

Have you ever tried Ghost Greens which has a full clinical dose of DE-111 at 5 billion CFU’s on top of the greens/red + Digestive Enzyme in the product?

Thanks Bob. I eat tons of veggies and plenty fruits. I’m good there. I think I just need a pure probiotic supplement.

My question is WHY do you need one if your digestion is good?
Sounds like you already have your bases covered, putting more probiotics in your body won’t always help or enhance digestion. Just some food for thought. You can create a healthy gut and good microflora levels if you are having a varied diet.

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Gut Health definitely helps keeps me regular. And I seem to get some immune support from it. As I said, I don’t take it in the summer when I’m doing more cardio/less and am less likely to get sick.

Well the probiotic doesn’t really have a positive factor on your immune system per se this is more digestion and microflora production. So taking the production for the latter reasining doesn’t really justify the net worth of the product.

If your fiber intake is in check
You are getting proper soluble and insoluble fiber to help with gastric emptying
You already eat a wide variety of veggies and fruits
It doesn’t really seem like you need to invest in one of digestion is in check and things are running smooth. Influxing the digestion tract wirh additional probiotics won’t always correlate to better digestion. If anything it can do the adverse effect.

Why not run without it for 2 months and see if you see a difference? You may actually find your digestion improve.

This is what I’ve been doing the past 3 years taking it on and off. I notice less gas and am more regular when taking Gut Health.

How is your fiber intake? How is your insoluble fiber? This forms bulk in your stools and will make you more regular

Fixing that may save you $40 a month on a probiotic.
That’s what I’m trying to get at. I’ve seen hundreds of people say I eat a great diet when in essence one simple change or modification can save monthly investment on powders or pills to regulate and fix digestion issues.

I mean if you want to buy one by all means but you could possibly do without one instead of using one year round.

If you shop on Amazon, you can find a plain probiotic with a simple formula for pretty cheap.

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This one will do your gut a world of wonders. Worth the cost if you want to give it a go.
I ran this after a 12-week SIBO Protocol and my digestion has never been better. I have been off any probiotics for 5 months now and without r any digestive enhancements I’ve never felt better.

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This company seems to produce good stuff. Large and very popular line of products on Amazon

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Evomuse Gut Health is back in stock!