Best Pre Workout Supplement Guide for 2020: PricePlow's Top 10

This has just been updated, after having not touched it for a year. Major apologies for that, but we’re going to stay on top of this quarterly.

Obviously, there is a TON of flux in the industry right now – DMAA is on the ropes, and DMHA is under fire too, thanks to some shady suppliers and manufacturers not following the laws.

One of the bigger discrepancies for Q1-2018 between this list and the videos Robert and CJ have been making is with John Meadows’ Granite Supplements Arc Reactor. While Robert has it as one of his favorite non-exotic stims, it’s simply too expensive to put on the top 10.

I can’t fully agree with encouraging anyone to pay $2.50/workout when there are many well under that price that can get the job done just as well.

Kaged Muscle was a down-mover – we need some new stuff from them!.. Primeval Labs and Performax Labs were up-movers.

And the top DMHA supplement, while it’s still out? Hahaha haters gonna hate, but I just had to give my respects to CT and the SIDEWALK KRAKA, the best named supplement ever.

Got one more edit to make (Lobliner’s CLASH into the one-scoop-wonder category), but this page is about ready to rip for Q1-2018.

Thanks all!!


Been looking forward to this guide! Thanks to the guys at priceplow

I’m trying to find the perfect non DMHA/DMAA pre for me, which used to be defcon 1.

I wish Platinum Labs would just re-release their original version of defcon 1. One of the best pwo’s of ALL TIME.
Insane focus, insane energy, NO TOLERANCE when used 4x a week, followed by three days off. Hopefully the owner of outbreak nutrition (same owner of platinum labs) sees this and considers it :slight_smile:

Also was literally the best tasting pineapple flavor ever ^

Are you cool with PEA from Eria Jarensis, ie n-phenethyl-dimethylamine? If so, HyperMax!!

I’ll tell you what I forgot on this list. RXS RADIATE!

It’s obviously more of a thermo / fat burner, but this stuff is crazy strong. It belongs somewhere in here. Hmm!!!

I tried two samples of the last hypermax (before the new update)

I liked it, but that alpha y made me pretty jittery/slightly anxious.

I could try getting samples of the newer version, maybe it was just lower tolerance to alpha y, since I haven’t had it for so long

Yeah we’re still waiting on those samples. When they’re sent I’ll make sure you’re in on it.

Have you had Adrenal Rush V2? That’s got a lot of “bonus stims” that bring some pep.

Others to look for are Theacrine, and in 2018 we’ll be seeing Dynamine, no clue if that’ll work out or not though.

No OL RE1GN anywhere?? I’m not seeing how it’s not in the best with exotic Stims.

This is outstanding! Nice work men

RE1GN seems to be very hit or miss. I’m personally less than wild about it.

Hey guys, how come Arez is no longer ranked here?

I think you used to have a whole section dedicated to them here.

Just out of curiosity as I was considering to try them out.

Well we’re not trying to put anyone in the hospital here. After that botched Dragon’s Mist run, lack of lab tests published, and non-FDA ‘recall’, I’m not sure why we should ever recommend anything from them right now…

I don’t recall ever having a section on it but it was discussed for DMHA but we’ve still never tried any! Maybe next quarter if we get some and others reformulate.

Savage, but I don’t necessarily disagree.

I still have my tub of the First Batch of Dragons Mist. I have the new batch and have tried two other flavors aswell. None of the side effects of the initial batch. Only great things, currently alternating between Mesomorph and RE1GN.

Personally i think it should be included, but awesome guide nonetheless, whenever someone asks about which to buy i always tell them about this list and your others.

Suggestion for future lists? User Rated PWO? Where we vote for our favorites the readers of the blog and users of the forum??

One option for you could be 1 scoop of Scivation Quake 10.0, which I believe is NSF Certified.

I’m awaiting a review of the new Mesomorph with Senegalia. I’ve seen surprisingly good feedback on other forums. Still expected to see it make the top 10 list.

Also, Re1gn is quite an experience. I tried the DM batch and it’s an intense euphoria if you can get past the weird/random feelings throughout the body. No doubt that’s the mega dose of stim X. Surprised Conqu3r Unleashed got dropped too. I find the J Regia to hit much harder than DMHA

So is this it? No more DMAA.

  • Short-term: Stay tuned to this blog post and this thread – This has to do with them getting their confiscated DMAA back from a raid that had nothing to do with DMAA, and being able to sell now. One final appeal in January.

  • Long-term: Stay tuned to this blog post for the big appeal to the 11th circuit for the whole shebang.

The appeal (in the second bullet point) could take quite some time, so it’s really the short-term stuff we’re watching to see if product will be released come January. That’s where the high-stakes are at.

Bullnox=Bullshit that’s why they didn’t include it

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Love this site but are we ever going to get an update to this list? Once a year isn’t nearly enough with the amount of new products that come out!