Best Low Stim Pre

Best Low Stim Pre

Random question: What is everyone’s favorite ‘low stim’ pre-workout. Not ‘stim-free’, but let’s say in the 150-200MG category.

Asking for a friend of course.


Ghost Legend…if you don’t mind Norvaline. I know it busts over the 200mg Caff mark, but not too bad. Otherwise I really enjoyed Blockbuster by MAN for low stim.

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For a pre-workout before the gym:
Build Fast Formula FullBlitz at 1 scoop ~175mg caffeine (even though the other raw actives will be under dosed)

If I just want an energy drink replacement, coffee replacement I go with 1 scoop of fuel (200mg)

A majority of the better options out there (Clinically dosed formulas) will be 250-300 if not more

CL White Flash
C4 Ultimate
C4 Ultimate Power
Nutrabio Pre
Bang Master Blaster
Gat Psychon
Isatori Morph
Dymatize Pre
Kraken or Kraken Black (Sparta)
Primevals Labs Mega Pre Black
OL Re1gn / I Am Supreme

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Used almost daily, 150mg of tasty caffeine.


Was curious, and thank you everyone


PreSeries Bulk:

NutraBio Fighter Fuel

CNS Labgrade

ClearCut Pre


SuperPump Max is the gift that keeps giving. That formula has lasted the test of time!!

BTW, wait til you see our review of Proven Egg. WOW!


Whatever non-stim pre plus caffeine tab


Thank you everyone
Running PPK tomorrow @Adidasshorts


That’s what we like to hear! Can’t wait to check it out.


Quake if you can find it.

Vaso + FullBlitz (1 Scoop Each).

SuperPump Max.

Have heard good things about some others listed here but those are the three I have experience with.

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VasoBLITZ plus caffeine level of choice was awesome for me.


I ask because of how much many products focus on stim…although all mentioned are really good products…and don’t get me wrong I don’t mind the 300mg of caffeine on high volume days

@GaspariDan is Super Pump Max 150Mg per scoop?


What’s the consensus on Quake around here? That’s one that I’ve never tried. They have 40 serving tubs for $13 but they expire 05/19. I don’t normally have any problem with taking expired stuff, but I also don’t like going too far out on the dates. Plus I already have 3 un opended tubs of pre workout equal to about 75 servings that are coming up on expiration in the next few months. How long past date do you guys go on this stuff?

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I loved Quake


I am a lunatic and almost never pay attention to expiration dates on supplements.


store them in the fridge and you’ll be fine well past exp.


The Theanine for some people is a killer, and really is the breaking point. Some people don’t get a kick of energy for 30-40 minutes due to it, and never really feel it kick in. Think of it more as a long streaming energy that never really kicks in or surges on you.

Quake is good, but at 1 scoop a lot of the ingredients will be underdosed as with most pre-workouts that are going to be in Bill’s Range of 150-200mg

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Hahaha, me too. But I tend to find shit on the cheap and stockpile it like some kind of god damn doomsday prepper or something. I just don’t need to get too much in the pantry. You guys have any flavor recommendations? They have lemon drop and watermelon bubble gum. Is either nasty? Or should I get one of each?

Looks like a 2 scooper. Or around 1.75 to keep around 300mgs


This is what we’ve been told in the past. If not, it is very close to that amount

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