Best health advice

What is the best health advice you can give some one?


Put down the fork


Care about it. I think too many people want a quick fix or take the easy route.


Get educated: it’s far too easy to follow what may be popular, or what a friend told you, or what seems to be “common knowledge” that’s actually false e.g. coffee dehydrates you, or lifting stunts growth.

The internet has an abundance of information, and apathy is a tragedy. Not knowing something on a subject that interests you is almost always your own fault when the world is at your fingertips these days


If you have an energy drink alongside your binge drinking, you’re able to stay awake longer and you become more outgoing.


Jaegerbombs cover both those, don’t they?

But unfortunately taste like death. We have better technology than that now.

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Eat only foods that come straight from a tree/plant to be sure no one has messed with the nutritional source.

So nothing from a store since those products go from the tree/plant into a warehouse then into a truck then into a grocery display?

Yes, bark and sap only self sourced.

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One day spam bots will get smarter…one day

Ideally yes. Would you pick canned fruits over an apple straight from the tree?
Avoiding processed foods is almost impossible, but when was the last time you saw a square turkey? Or all the cereal products which taste good but are covered in sugar. There are more pure alternatives, which lack taste but give more nutritional value.

Yes, that would be ideal.

Do you know what percentage of the US population has access to farms to get that apple from the tree?

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This is an experience of mine and can be taken as advice for better health. Never ever ignore any deficiencies in your body because with the passage of time, these small deficiencies create huge problems. I was anemic from college days and I just used to ignore it at the time, but since I’ve aged, symptoms are getting regular. A few months ago, my colleague told me about personalized vitamins from ginihealth. Since then, my red blood cells are healthy which led to an increase in my appetite and mouth ulcers are also gone.
So, never ever ignore a symptom, better get expert advice at the earliest.

eat rarely and not-carb food

I highly advise all those over 65 to stay active and take supplements. My grandpa had flu recently and successfully got over it very quickly. He is now taking a proactive approach to strengthening his immune system by drinking lots of water and getting plenty of rest. Be like my granda! By the way, we’ve also recently hired a new home care assistant for him, and God, the lady is so kind and friendly to all of us! So, if anybody here is looking for a carer, check this website out .

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