Best Fat Burner Buyer's Guide, with 2018's Top 10

To the casual consumer, fat burners are scary and confusing. With good reason, too — 99% of them are admittedly total garbage. Whether it’s a product that uses ineffective ingredients, one that’s overly dangerous, or an online marketing scam, there is way too much noise out there. Google’s no help …
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What would you say about Blue Star Nutraceutical's Blade Product?

I take adderall, so I don't need something to make me focus or to suppress my appetite. That being said, what would be the best fat burner for thermogenics and energy, with appetite suppressing and focus being completely irrelevant. This doesn't mean it doesn't have to have focusing properties and appetite suppressants, but it's thermogenics and energy should be top of the line.

Wouldn't mix anything with a stimulant with adderall... if you still need ENERGY after taking amphetamines you might really need to analyze your sleep, diet, and fitness routines -- or it's time to get off the addy if it's causing an opposite effect. Maybe like a dash of caffeine but you can get that from a small 6oz cup of coffee.

In the stim-free section there are some things to check out though, but most of them are going to work best at dealing with carbs (like the ones with glucose disposal agents inside) or the diuretic ones like LeanWorks. Stim-free energy is tough to come by.

Two thermogenic ingredients to look for that aren't stimulants are grains of paradise (paradaxol) and cayenne pepper extract (capsaicin)

Wow! thanks for the quick and helpful response. Hands doubt the best and least biased site for supplement information.

Can I take 1/2 a pill before my morning fasted workout? I read it says to take an hour after breakfast but I workout first thing in the morning before work. Thanks!

Late response since it's been out of stock, but we just posted about the reformulation here:

HIGH in yohimbe!! So you might either love or hate it!

What product are you talking about John?

Usually fat burners are taken before breakfast, say 15-30 minutes pre breakfast if possible.

Most fat burners are tough to split in half too...

If you take a fat burner before your early pre work workout, you'll have more energy and likely a dash more fat burning benefits (some ingredients help free fatty acids, which you gotta burn during workout time)... but then it'll wear off earlier on in the day too, so you have to consider timing of the second dose. Depends on what you're using and when you have breakfast...

Sorry forgot to list product. Lipodrene is the one I am asking about. Possibly half tab upon waking befofe my early morning workout and 1/2 tab around noon?

You would literally need a handsaw to break one of those tablets in half. They're thick and strongly packed!!

Just try one in the morning and see how it goes. It's 'only' 100mg caffeine so it shouldn't put you over the top.

If you're concerned about it being too strong, take it AFTER eating on your first try. That will slow down the stim

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Giant Sports Dexamine / ThyroTwin Stack and/or Lipodrene? Looking for weightloss without the mood swings, stim-immune.

Good question. Right now liking Lipodrene, but appetite suppression from the Dexamine / ThyroTwin stack was so fantastic for both me and CJ. That's not really what everyone wants though. Lipodrene definitely "feels better" because of the 1,3. If you're "stim immune" maybe try Lipodrene Hardcore - bet you feel that!!!

Can I take all 3? If weight loss is the primary goal, you recommend the dex/thyro? I need the appetite suppression and the "desire" to eat to go

Nooooooo way!!!! Don't mix stim-based products!

Also note that Lipodrene has its own thyroid enhancement, wouldn't mix ThyroTwin with it either.

Do you know if you've ever tried yohimbine and liked it? Dexamine does NOT contain it, but Lipodrene does. It also suppresses appetite if you take it on an empty stomach and wait about 30 minutes.

If you like it, Lipodrene for sure. If not, it's a toss-up... Lipodrene IS my favorite because of that DMAA, and is overall cheaper. Less caffeine too, so you can control your dosing a touch better as well.

ok :). I have never tried yohimbine , that I know of. Just got off adipex awhile back. Thank you so much.

Where do I look for the 1,3? I ordered it from an ad off this page and assumed it would have it. Unable to upload a pic

"The PEA alkaloids from acacia (now labeled as Senegalia Berlandieri) and the DMAA (now labeled as Methylhexanamine HCl) are really doing the heavy lifting here, and boy do they work."

Do you see those on the label? They changed some words on the label

I see "ephedra Extract 25 mg (leaves)", Sengealia Berlandieri Extract (leaves), Methylhexamine HCI

Yep, that's the real deal!