Best Birthday Cake Flavored Whey

Curious - what is everyone’s favorite birthday cake flavored whey?

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Syntha 6’s Coldstone Creamery flavor.

End of discussion.

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In my experience, I’d have to agree. My wife said she wants to try a birthday cake flavored whey - so I’m doing my recon!

I hated Iso 100 birthday cake. It tasted like super sweet vanilla imo.

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I’d say that’s how about 75ish% of all birthday cake flavors go. I wonder if Nutrabio’s Freedom Fetti would fit the bill

Forever the GOAT

Ill never forget this was made for Jen Jewell.
Dan L (Now @ Ghost) was making flavors for all the athletes.
Red Velvet for Craig Capruso
Cookie Dough for Karina Baymiller

Wonder why those LE flavors were so good, now it makes sense. Dan flavored them.

The new MuscleSport Patriot Flavor gets a lot of great feedback

I have not tried it but had a few customers grab it and love it.

Freedom fetti wasn’t really birthday cake imo, tasted more like a frosting but it was super sweet!

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Figured it wasn’t birthday cake per se, but somewhere on the cake spectrum of flavors if that makes sense. Still need to try that one, it seems delicious

I bet NutraOne’s is superb. Never heard a bad thing about any of their flavors.


This sounds like an opportunity for the @PricePlowStaff to do a taste test of the MyProtein birthday cake flavor

Edit: MTS Whey makes a birthday cake flavor. Might be worth looking into.

  1. BSN Syntha-6 Birthday Cake Remix
  2. Mutant PRO-100 Birthday Cake
  3. Animal Whey Frank’s Birthday Cake

@TheSolution I remember that Cor Whey flavor… good times.

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Personal Favorites

  1. Ambrosia Planta Sprinkled Cupcake
  2. PES Select Cake Pops
  3. NutraOne Protein Creations Birthday Cake

Personal Not-so-Favorites

  • MTS Whey Birthday Cake