Best BCAA to drink through the day?

Whats a good BCAA to drink throughout the day to boost protein synthesis, and still good intra- workout?

Protein synthesis can be maximized through a proper diet. Drinking Bcaas throughout the day could actually be counterproductive. If drinking intra, I would rather opt for a full EAA product if anything at all, maybe NutraBio IntraBlast being a better formula for more than just aminos.

Hijacking this real quick to ask: is there any real benefit to EAAs over just like… A complete protein source, say…whey, for example?

Aside from the fact that whey makes you feel full, which can cause nausea during training. But is that what it comes down to, EAAs are just easier on the tummy?

ALLDAYYOUMAY duhh :wink:


Nah, not better just 10g EAA would initiate the same MPS response as 25g whey. It’s entirely up to the person. Amino acid supps are highly debated on both sides.

BCAAs are best utilized at these times> Prior and or during training, in-between meals or when your protein intake is low

Prior to bed and or upon waking are two more times to consider them especially if your protein intake is low

I would not drink BCAA’s all day. This, in all honesty is a waste of money. If you need an amino acid supplement, get EAA’s. They have all the BCAA’s in them and are actually anabolic. They can actually build new tissue, BCAA’s cannot. If your diet is good with enough protein, you don’t need either product. BCAA’s also have calories, not a lot but they are there. This is something people forget when they are dieting down to lose weight and they drink BCAA’s all day or drink them quite often and wonder why they aren’t losing weight. It’s because of the BCAA’s. They are exceeding their daily calories. I think BCAA’s have become expensive water. Im not saying they are bad but definitely not necessary.

Complete protein as in whole food will ALWAYS be better than any supplement.

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A lot of good points made in here already. Drinking BCAAs all day is not only a waste, but is actually detrimental to gaining muscle. Muscle Protein synthesis benefits from a refractory period which directly conflicts with drinking them throughout the day. Even in instances where BCAAs can be used effectively, EAAs are going to be more beneficial.

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Drinking BCAA’s throughout the day does not aid anything.

imageBCAA’s may benefit you for fasted AM Training dosed pre-workout or as a bolus between meals 4-6 hours apart

Don’t fall for the “it’s a great replacement for sugary drinks” argument. BCAAs are 6 calories per gram, and when sipped in an all day fashion, contribute heavily to both an insulin response and gluconeogenesis. Sipping on BCAA’s takes away from MPS (Muscle Protein Synthesis) as levels never get a chance to reach refractory stages before being spiked again The net effect is increased insulin and blood sugar. So when you sip on BCAAs instead of sugary drinks…you replace blood sugar with insulin.

How much BCAA are we talking about here?

5g BCAA and just sitting there raises my blood sugar like 10 points, and not even consistently. You make it sound like we’re eating pizzas and donuts here.

The point is Insulin is elevated when BCAA’s are used. It spikes insulin. Just like if you ate a steak or chicken etc. Sipping on them all day is constnatly spiking and elevating insulin. Not always the goal for anyone. It also is unbeneficial from a MPS Standpoint because you never allow protein levels to reach its refractory stages. Therefore its a waste. If you are going to use them between meals use it as a bolus between meals 4-6 hours apart as shown in Layne MPS Powerpoint

Again, how much are we talking? What is your definition of the word “spikes”? Have you used a glucometer with them?

For me, 5g BCAA “elevates” my blood sugar a bit, at best. I agree that you don’t always want this, but sometimes you do and sometimes you just don’t care. I’m overall unconcerned about that part of the BCAA argument.

Leucine is awesome. I think we need more flavored leucine supplements. That I’d sip on all day.

I have used a glucometer. This will also vary on how sensitive you are (Everyone is different), but i have seen my BG Raise at least at least 5-7. No where as near as much as a direct carb source, but enough to still show they can raise glucose and insulin levels…

Your not allowing protein levels to reach their refractory stage which does not aid muscle protein synthesis. You may as well eat chicken every 10 minutes of the day . Similar enough to sipping on BCAA’s to help reach protein intake. Since BCAA’s do contain calories

Weather you want to utilize the research given is totally personal preference. Just letting you know there is no true benefit to doing so.

Everything that should be said, has already been said. Trying to keep MPS (muscle protein synthesis) elevated all day is a bad idea. Your body needs the dip. Otherwise, you’ll lose receptor sensitivity to the amino acids that promote muscle protein synthesis, which essentially is the signal to tell the body to build muscle.

If you’re gonna do BCAAs, it’s not bad to use them with pre or intraworkout. Also, if you have a meal that is low in protein, adding the BCAAs via a drink is a good way to make sure you get those vital amino acids too. You don’t need BCAAs if your food/nutrition is on point.

But let’s be honest, it’s better to drink BCAAs than a non-diet soda, so if it keeps you from drinking something high in sugar, then go for it. :slightly_smiling_face: Not all of us are pro bodybuilders. Some of us just live the lifestyle and want to enjoy things outside of bodybuilding. Because of that; don’t let someone tell you that you can’t drink BCAAs when you want. Just know it’s not ideal and probably not wise to make a habit of.

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