BEN CUT OUT CAFFEINE | Glaxon C-Tox Beta Log

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So what’s funny is that Ben is sitting there with a Boom Energy drink in front of him…Oh wait, now I know why…(had to get through the video)

Thanks for sharing Ben. That doesn’t seem like much of a detox if you’re still taking some caffeine most of the days. However it sounds like it did some good if you can feel that Boom a lot more.

I used to do a yearly 2 week cold turkey caffeine detox right before I’d start my cut in April. I would be absolutely miserable the first week - no headaches just insanely lethargic. Second week was manageable. I’m sad to say I haven’t done this in a few years with kids. The detox would certainly reset my caffeine tolerance but it was always short lived. Personally now I’m 200-400mg caffeine weekdays and 400-600mg weekends.