Beginner “Natty” Gains Help

So I’ve got most of my basic muscle building stuff down, including diet and daily things like creatine and betaine and whatnot. However, I’m curious as to some of the harder, but not HARD stuff for muscle building, if anyone has any ideas. I’ve considered Laxogenin, but if it’s priced similarly to stuff w/ better results, I don’t see a reason to waste the money. But, I’m also not looking for hardcore prohormones w/ high Androgenic problems. Preferably something w/ extremely low side effects, where PCT can be minimal, but still relatively noticeable effects.

Thoughts? Considered running a “blast and cruise” thing w/ Hi-Tech’s 1-Test. It’s normally 2 pills a day, but I was thinking of trying 1 every other day for two weeks, two weeks of one a day, and two weeks of every other day and slowly taper off from there. Figured it should minimize health effects, and leave me with a good clue as to how I respond to that sort of compound. Again, never dabbled in this area so any and all advice is more than welcome, since I’m clueless! If you have personal fave products/stacks, feel free to recommend!

I’ve personally used a few of Hi Tech pro’s.if you used one tab every other day, I don’t know if you’d even see anything since it needs to build up in your system. On the other hand, with you being younger than I by a little bit (I’m ol’ nappy nerd) I wouldn’t recommend anything that’s dealing with hormones

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You’re like 19, right?

Imo either don’t fuck around with hormonal stuff or do your research and go the full 9, with my recommendation being the former. You’re full enough of natural test that no D-AA or tribulus is gonna do shit, and there’s no point in fucking up your endocrine system “just a little” for just a little gainz.


Amen to this


Train hard. Stay active. Eat proper.

You WILL grow for the next 3-4 years. Don’t think about anabolics for now. Of course, it’s ultimately your decision, but my advise would be to stay clean and train dirty.

The biggest thing is to eat good food! Make sure protein intake is between 1.0-1.5g per pound of body weight.


Yeah, even with my short use of the “legal” prohormones, I can tell you my nutrition and intensity in my workouts were the main source of any growth I had


Tbh Anthony, you’re lean as shit, if you did a well and proper bulk, you’d see fucking insane gains.

Give Jim Wendler’s “Building The Monolith” a go, following his diet advice as well (iirc it’s 1.5 pounds of ground beef per day plus a dozen whole eggs per day plus your veg and carb sources), you’ll lose your mind at the progress you see. And it’s only 8 weeks, it’s not like you’ll hit 30% bf or anything.


Taking the 1-T the way you are is beyond a waste of money. Taking any phs at your age would be counterproductive to your goals as you would start to diminish and eventually shut down naturally high levels of test.

I would focus on maximizing your current natural levels. Start increasing calories weekly by 100 until you see everything from the weights, reps, recovery move in the right direction. Over the next 5-8 years, you could make some amazing gains.


at 19 your test levels are sky high, and trying to take any OTC Natty Test booster is just money down the toilet.

Your best friend is food, more food. Too many people try to “Supplement” a bad diet, when it is the other way around. There are no shortcuts as Rome was not built overnight. Everything takes, time, patience, and consistency. Give yourself a good 2-3 years of building your base, eating properly, and giving the body ample rest. There is a reason the KISS Principle (keep it simple stupid) is something that works so well.

  • Focus on good mind muscle connection
  • Beat the log book
  • Record topsets to make sure your form is in good shape.



Recomp RX seems to be fairly decent, other then that maybe a GDA. Then just focus on diet and training.

Remember the EYB rule of bulking

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Eat your body weight? I haven’t heard this one before. Do you mean in regards to protein?

Elaborate please! I’m excited to hear about this!

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Watch it, you will get blasted for telling someone to eat food instead of taking a supplement…LOL

But like he said, you are 19, prime hormonal time. Just train, eat, rest, and repeat. Like @TheSolution said, pretty much summed up about what I would say. Keep a log book. I have since Day 1.


Eat your body weight, so you weight 170 pounds, you eat 170 pounds, guaranteed to put on mass better then any other bulk anyone currently has suggested!

(Sorry if the joke was not clear in the original post)


To give some more thoughts
Hormonal options I would say are a no go at 19, you generally want to wait till 25 to make sure your’re hormones are developed and you don’t risk stunting the growth.
With this in mind anything that can help you recover, or train harder is likely the way to go if you want to add something.
I think the glucose disposal route is a good way to go, of course its still an early niche, so the products are a bit high priced and so so in my opinion.
HMB also seems like a good route if you end up doing one of the more extreme programs.
I did like recomp RX when I ran it, I do have another bottle that I plan to run, but I’ve kind of been waiting on the right time.
But other then that I would just suggest going on a bulk if you want to try putting on mass.

Final thought is that prohormones/sarms to me look like a good thing to add to a steroid cycle, rather then an intermediate before you want to get into actual roiding.
Unless you know, you are using them therapeutically.

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Echoing everyone else here.

If I were 19 and as lean as you, I’d just eat hard, train hard and heavy, and be patient.

When/if you’re ready to try something anabolic if you’ve really hit a roadblock in progress, there’s no need to waste money on any “over the counter” stuff. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone make dramatic results on anything natural. As mentioned, a GDA may work well - haven’t tried one myself though.


Hah. Dang - I was curious to see a new fad diet that I hadn’t heard of!

I like this. Also 15g of Fearn Lecithin Granules for the phosphatidic acid each day, which also adds some calories.

Could be time for a training partner who pushes the shit out of you

Also: Eat more dead animals

meat eat it in abondance, lift heavy ass shit.

and gainz will cometh

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Pretty sure that is on a t-shirt in some gym with ripped off sleeves of course…and chalk all over it.

im old school.