Beast SuperTest MAX: A Guerrilla Chemist Take on Testosterone

Beast SuperTest MAX: A Guerrilla Chemist Take on Testosterone

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What happens when two massive players in the supplement game team up? Things get taken to the MAX. And in this case, we’ve been gifted an incredible new product, packed full of top-notch ingredients to make it extremely effective on multiple angles. From Beast’s Instagram: “For the past 13 years… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


I’m not impressed. Honestly, liver support in a test booster is silly. I know they want you to think you need it because it’s is sooooo strong, but it’s not a methylated steroid. Unnecessary. Fenugreek is probably the most overrated “testosterone booster” out there, I’m not a fan. PrimaVie is underdosed. And the laxogenin dose is really small. I’m honestly not sure why Mike is so excited about this.

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Well we plan on having TGC on the channel to talk about some of these decisions.

For a compliant product, this is the kind of blend I like. KSM-66 always feels great, and I’m yet to dislike anything with Shilajit, that stuff seems to be magical for me. Fenugreek kind of disappeared from the scene and I haven’t used it for about five years so I’m curious on it.

Boron is an easy inclusion, not sure why it’s not used more often.

While I love NAC (especially when I used to drink a bit more), I think it’s really there for anyone using this during PCT. Not necessary for me but opens additional venues for them and TGC probably liked it for that reason? I’ll ask.

S7 is appearing everywhere… time will tell how it really stands up but I enjoy each individual constituent and like a couple pre workouts with it.

Still haven’t opened mine yet, but @Extrabeef Ben’s having some great lifts lately. My run starts super soon.


Fenugreek = lactation support. ; )

I have used Fenugreek. Heck, still have a bottle of it at home. It has more properties than just test boosting grounds, but anecdotally I notice no difference when I supplement with it. The KSM-66 on the other hand and the Shilajit are great, speaking from personal experience.


Yeah I’m a fan of both ashwagandha and shilajit (particularly PrimaVie), but the shilajit is underdosed. It was studied to work at 200 or 250mg, so why would they include half a dose? Just seems silly.

I don’t think fenugreek ever disappeared, as far as I can tell, it’s pretty much still the most common test boosting ingredient. There’s been dozens of studies on it, yet the evidence for testosterone is weak at best. Anything showing improvement in sexual function or libido is cool and all, but Maca and tribulus both do that without affecting actual testosterone levels. Not to mention, fenugreek has a lot of similar saponins to trib. Last I checked, (it has been a while, to be fair) every study showing good results from fenugreek has been done by the company making the stuff. Even if we assume there’s no bias, only one of their dozens of studies has shown an increase in testosterone. If it’s actually any good, why hasn’t there been any more positive results? The stuff is overrated, at best.

I do see your point about NAC and PCT, but someone using it as such should have a much more comprehensive liver support than that. Also, it adds bulk and cost (not much, I know it’s cheap) to the product. So it’s an inconvenience for someone not using it in PCT.

Finally, didn’t Ben already have great lifts? :joy: