BEAM Chocolate Brownie Vegan Protein

BEAM Chocolate Brownie Vegan Protein

BEAM Vegan Protein Chocolate Brownie


Chocolate Brownie - Chocolate Brownie from BEAM is the second flavor the brand has produced for its Vegan Protein. While a lot of companies go for single flavor chocolate I found this was hybrid milk chocolate and swiss chocolate combination. As the flavors mesh together you will notice how strong and bold the flavors compliment each other. Brownies have a diverse chocolate flavor that resembles fudge, and in this protein, you will pick that up on the backend. How BEAM can replicate a dessert into a vegan protein powder is truly remarkable. The three things that stand out are the mouth-feel, creaminess, and minimal amount of chalkiness from the protein powder.


BEAM Vegan protein is much creamier than most vegan protein powders on the market. The two inclusions of Smooth Protein and Clean Cream leave a smooth and creamy consistency. I found 8-10oz of water or almond milk to be a sweet spot per scoop with the BEAM Vegan Protein. I also make protein pudding where you place a scoop of protein in a bowl and slowly add water to form a thick paste. Both are common ways to use the protein, and I found zero clumps when mixing in both fashions.


Calories ~ 100

Fat ~ .5g

Carbs ~ 3g

Protein ~ 20g

Protein -à Pea Protein, Mung Bean Protein (High bioavailability and leucine), Pumpkin Seed Protein

Clean Cream & Smooth Protein (Create the ultimate texture/mouthfeel)

Apple Fiber & Blueberry Fiber

Gum Blend (Thickener)


  • Incredible Taste

  • Very Pure Flavor

  • Mixes Smooth for Vegan Protein

  • No Chalky Aftertaste

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Nice review! How would you compare this to Ghost Vegan?

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Two totally different flavors
One is a brownie based the other is a cereal spin off
If you want a sweeter chocolate based go ghost if you want a denser chocolate go BEAM

Both are worth getting


Thank you - ended up grabbing all the Beam flavors to try. I remember trying the Ghost pancake protein and I was not that impressed.

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Drop your review when you get a chance to try them!

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I am going to see about getting myself a code for BEAM, that way if anyone is interested on purchasing in the future I will have a year round discount for you.

I am also going to start doing recipes for the brand on their webpage. Anything you guys want to see let me know. I already have 5 done and more to come.

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If you guys want to try BEAM i have a specific 20% OFF Code

Good for anything on the webpage!


So tempting :smile:

If the code is still good in May (reasons), I’ll be putting it to use on both vegan proteins.

That code is good forever.
Both are very well worth your money if you are a vegan protein fan. That is a fact.

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On the way :raised_hands:

…Will try to post some impressions after I try 'em.

Let me know what you think.
Both are Awesome!!!

The blueberry is unique because there really isnt a good blueberry vegan on the market (let alone a company that makes ones besides beam)

@Ethan What do you think of the Vegan Protein?


Both are very well executed in terms of taste and texture.

Chocolate Brownie is definitely on the richer, darker side of the chocolate spectrum, whereas Blueberry Muffin seems to be at about 50/50 in terms of Blueberry and Muffin.

Each has texture lends a fair amount of thickness and creaminess, with a subtle amount of graininess (graininess being a plus, for me).

Interestingly, I found the Chocolate Brownie to be similar in taste and texture to 80/20’s Chocolate Lava Cake — which I also enjoyed immensely. So given that I’m not a strict vegan, I’ll probably keep 80/20 as my go-to.

Blueberry Muffin, however, is truly a stand-out — and much better than most other Blueberry Muffins I’ve tried across any genre. I wouldn’t hesitate to re-up on it in the future — right alongside Ghost Blueberry Pastry :slightly_smiling_face:.

Final Scores:

  • Chocolate Brownie: 9.0 / 10
  • Blueberry Muffin: 9.4 / 10
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I agree Both are great, with the edge to blueberry
Anyone who enjoys vegan protein has to give them a shot as they are stellar
Thanks for the feedback

Been slamming the baked goods lately!