Battle Bites Review

Anyone here tried Battle Bites? These little guys are a nice change up on protein treats with surprisingly low macros.

These are unique because they have no chewy or taffy texture. Your teeth sink right through them as if if it was a a Reese stick wafer. There is a crunch followed by the melty chocolate effect.

These aren’t the sweetest bars, which is a nice change of pace for me.

I saw Stack3d put up a review and I had to grab some from the U.K. - surprisingly shipping was only $10. These little guys are tasty and I’d rank them as my new favorite protein snack. MyProteinBites are a close second - but these guys come in some crazy flavors and they are delicious.

For only 220 calories, 14g of carbs, 20g of protein and 9g of fat, this is a protein snack worth trying if you are always hunting for the latest and greatest protein meal replacement.

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What are they battling?

your colon

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For your money

I thank God that my colon can handle protein bars.


Willie or Bartolo?

Better then Outright Bars?
Not sure if srs.

Taste = no
Texture/consistency = I think so.

texture looks really good

i thought it funny that a UK brand has a flavor “mississippi mud pie”

not Yorkshire dirt cake or something


Yah - guess they’re appealing to the U.K. followers with American flavors? Lol.

I’ll mail you one.

want to try the new Merica Energy flavors?

I do. I’m hitting up a franchised GNC this afternoon - so let me make sure they don’t have them before mailing anything. :slight_smile:

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