Bang Master Blaster

Bang Master Blaster


well…its not Re1gn ill tell you that much… it doesn’t even come close to all of the overwhelming effects Re1gn gives me. I did like that I got no chills though. Bang seems to have a shorter life after your work out while Re1gn will still keep you going hours after your workout… I’ll finish it since I paid an arm and a fucken leg for it…


I don’t think it belongs on the same field though. Master Blaster is a pretty low-cost mainstream kind of workout. RE1GN is clearly more hardcore, with a basically unknown stimulant inside, alongside a version of DMHA. Not apples to apples, that’s for sure.

You may have graduated yourself to the pre workout user who likes to keep it ‘exotic’ as we call it!


So are you reviewing Re1gn? Lol


Is this a good view on RE1GN or negative? Sounds like you may like the energy


@Robert and @CJ can if they want. I would never mandate they did so.

“Hey guys, there’s this supplement where we’ve read reviews about guys taking it and having to ‘focus on not dying’… you gotta review it ASAP” <-- not my style of leadership! :rofl:

All jokes aside, I really hope they got the manufacturing issue straightened out, at least before the next Pieter Cohen study…


I was kind of responding to the review above lol, but I’d be surprised if you guys reviewed it after the back and forth between you two.


I don’t think you could convince @CJ to try Re1gn again given how bad his experiences with the tainted batch of Dragon’s Mist was. I might give it a try at some point, but there are far too many other pre workouts waiting in the wings for us to run that won’t make us feel like we’re about to puke.


Total War… is it… The pumps are amazing. taste is excellent.