Bang Energy Key Lime Pie Review

Bang Energy Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie – Key lime pie is a dessert that provides key lime filling, a graham cracker crust, and a hefty serving of whip cream. Key limes can be bitter and have an over the top tart sourness. The initial flavor provides a tangy, sweet, light, and creamy refreshing vibe. As the key lime tickles on your taste buds you soon get the whipped cream in the aftertaste. What really blew my mind is how the graham cracker comes through in a carbonated beverage. There is a brown sugar element to it that truly rounds off this flavor and makes it remarkable. I applaud bang for creating yet another unrefined flavor on the energy drink market. If you are a die-hard key lime pie fan this will be one worth picking up, and a great change of pace.

~300mg Caffeine
Bang is known as an energy drink or an afternoon pick me up. With a long listing blend, it is hard to say how much COQ10, EAA”s, and Creatine you are truly getting. For an on the go, and an affordable energy drink Bang Energy is a very popular option.

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