Bang Energy Frose Rose Review

Bang Energy Frose Rose Review

VPX Bang Frose Rose


Frose Rose - A Frosé Rosé is typically the name for a frozen rosé wine slushie. At first, I thought there would be a wine taste combined with carbonation making this the most unique bang flavor to date. To my surprise, this is a watermelon and grape mixture, as the colors resemble on the can. When I first saw the can being teased I thought nerds would be a theme, and that is exactly what I tasted when drinking this beverage. The sweetness of the candy and the enhanced flavoring from the combination sets off the watermelon and grape flavors. Overall this flavor is fantastic. The name is misleading, but for those who pick this up, you will be vastly surprised on how well both flavors compliment each other.


~300mg Caffeine

Bang is known as an energy drink or an afternoon pick me up. There is a reason why the formula is not something you would see as a top tier pre-workout. With a long listing blend it is hard to say how much COQ10, EAA”s, and Creatine you are truly getting. For an on the go, and affordable drink the real reason people buy it is for flavor and caffeine.


Price will vary; usually on new flavors, there may be some discount, sometimes no discount due to the newest release and where you buy it from. You can pay upward to $3-4 A can locally at a gym or store, or you can buy online and get them around 20/Case, which is the best way to go. I will always have them at $1.79/Can or cheaper, which beats most grocery stores, gyms, and local brick and mortar shops.

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  10. Pina Colada


Vaguely disappointed the name didn’t match up


I’ve been wondering about what in the world this would taste like :joy::joy::joy:. I came to a similar conclusion with the new Green Ultra monster. Tastes exactly like Runts to me, if you remember those

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I don’t drink wine
I rather drink sweet tasting candy that’s more appealing!

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New monster … gas station? Best place to find ?


I’ve found them at Thornton’s, speedway and Kroger


My man. Local gas station had them


Ayyyyyyy! I personally think it’s the best flavor to date! But once again, that’s IMO. You’ll for sure let us know how you feel about them!

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After sleeping 6 hours in 3 days at the Arnold. I start work at 4 AM tomorrow. I may take em both down HAH!