Bang energy drinks, How much SUPER CREATINE, BCAAs and CoQ10 are in each can? And is it all hype?

Question at the top
~25 mg Isoleucine
~25 mg Valine
Under 20 MG CoQ10
Pretty much, Still 300 mg of caffeine is pretty good.

Generally good flavors, I personally like Starblast Power-punch, Champagne and cCerry vanilla in a rough favorites
Blue raspberry is decent
Cotton candy and lemon-drop are not my thing
Sour-heads is the only bad one I would say due to a weird after taste

Haven’t gotten my hands on any exotic ones as of yet

Over all they are a good tasting 300 milligrams of caffeine and usually rather well priced, just keep in mind it all of the other ingredients on the label are very minorly dosed.

Were you looking for an answer? Because I think you answered yourself. Was this supposed to just be a review? I do agree with you, knowing that vitamin C is 50% DV puts that at 30mg, as far as I know, which can give a general ballpark of where other ingredients would be coming before or after it in the list. Definitely wouldn’t recommend this as a creatine or amino supplement!

Nope, I was somewhat apeing Priceplow’s youtube title style with it.
Yep I used that and the niacin to figure out how much was in there, I found it to be interesting/noteworthy enough to make a short post about.

Those pixie dusted ingredients are there for label dressing. CoQ10 can be effective in such small doses, obviously creatine and the BCAAs won’t!

Clearly Team PricePlow is cool with it because of the taste and crack-like addiction a certain member on the squad has…!!


How does this stuff compare to something like Xyience? The only place that carries Bang around is the Vitamin Shoppe. Not really wanting to go in there for a can of wake-me-up

About twice the caffeine, in my opinion slightly better flavors, but I’ve only tried the main 3 Xyiences. Not much that matters aside from that.

Xyience = trash. I put it in the same league as Monster and all of the others. Bang sits a league above due to its caffeine content and huge range of flavors. Shame on the pixiedusting, but I am not surprised AT ALL. lol

It’s all hype

I’m going to disagree here after trying multiple flavors of both. The flavoring alone has kept Xyience in the top spot for me. The extra caffeine in Bang isn’t worth the cost and taste. The lower caffeine is actually just fine for a nice wake up.

And if you are going to compare the trash from Monster / Red Bull / Rockstar - make sure you compare apples to apples. All of their calorie free versions taste like trash or you can easily pick up the artificial sweetener.

Not a fan either of Xyience. Bang’s taste far better, and you can get cases for around $17-18 online. Especially if you watch websites. I post deals from which has the best deal on them at certain times when we run 20-25% off sales.

Huge fan of Purple Guava, Cotton Candy, Sour Heads, Peach Mango, Pina Colada

Cotton candy and black cherry vanilla are the tits.Not sure exactly what they were going for in the sour heads but suffice to say, I was not a fan of that one

Can’t imagine WHO you could possibly be referring to :wink:

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Sour Heads = Sour Apple. Personally one of my favorites, but that is why they make so many flavors. There is something for Everyone!

I never really got that, I mainly got a weird after taste, Have you tired rockstar hardcore green apple? That one is good.

Nope. The bang is cheaper then the rockstar and tastes great.

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hey Bob, do you know if those numbers stated above are correct for creatine and CoQ10 amounts? or is this someone speculating

They aren’t exact but ingredients are required to be listed in order by weight, vitamins are required to have % of DV listed, so take 2 vitamins or minerals and you can estimate how much of each ingredient is in the product.

So everything past the vitamin C is under 30 MG
upon further research the CoQ10 is under 5MG due to the niacin dose

They are not exact amounts. When anything is in a blend its almost impossible to know unless they reveal specifics from the company. As consumers we are playing the guessing game.

Not perfect, but damn close. Unless they themselves disclose the amount, we can’t know the exact amount, but as Christianmelon said, we know certain ingredients are less than a specific amount because we can figure out the doses of the vitamins.

Bang are the best energy drinks. I approve this message. :slight_smile:

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