Banana Flavored BCAA is AWESOME! 🍌 | RedCon1 Breach Review!

Banana Flavored BCAA is AWESOME! 🍌 | RedCon1 Breach Review!

Ahhh these two guys Robert and CJ, I just don’t know about them anymore. They weren’t that into the BANANA PINEAPPLE flavor RedCon1 BREACH in this review:

So I told Robert I wanted that tub. Oh man they’re right – if you like banana RUNTS you’ll love this stuff!

If I were RedCon1 I’d ditch the pineapple too. Screw it - go full banana!! It’s like 90% banana anyway.

Anyway, I’m hooked on this tub. Haters can hate, fake banana flavor FTW

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I would love a good banana flavored product but I don’t buy BCAA’s. If they made a EAA, I might try it.


Just saw that @AaronSingerman joined up in here. He should see this thread and get us more bananas

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You guys are saying go full banana?!


Hahha I am, but your sales numbers probably won’t dictate that.

Could be a small special edition Total War flavor though just to satisfy us Banana Runts lovers.


Tried one of their flavors at the Olympia, wasn’t too impressed. However, a banana flavored bcaa sure does sound interesting


Full banana is the only way to go…

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Which flavor?


I totally forget the flavor tbh with you. I want to say a pineapple banana but I seriously could be 100% wrong on that. I remember it being white like coconut water

On another note, I’m running Double Tap Orange right now and it’s awesome to wake up to. Big reason you guys are #3 on SR


DM me your address, and I’ll send you another one! I guarantee to impress!


Are you sending out any sort of samples for any products at the moment?


This flavor is killer good. Best flavored BCAA product I’ve had. Guys gotta get your taste buds checked. LOL


@Mike, have you tried MyProtein’s “”""“natural”"""" banana Impact Whey? Literally powdered banana Runts, but presumably with more protein. I can’t drink it in milk like I do most whey, because the creaminess throws it way off for me, but in ice water it sends me straight back to the dime-machines of my childhood.

Sorry if vouching for competitors in a brand’s thread is a bit of a faux pas, LOL

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Got the tub in yesterday. Pineapple banana is delicious! Not overpowering at all, which is something I look for in a bcaa. I’ll post my review up here when I’m done.

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Glad I’m not on crack.

No, nobody’s ever said that! Usually banana whey is ‘fake’ but not “Runts” fake.

Ha, we’re pretty lax with things, this thread is kinda more about the banana than the BCAA supplement itself. I don’t consider MyProtein a competitor to RedCon1 really anyway either. Definitely different markets.

But back to RedCon1… get us some limited-run BANANA Total War!!!

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