Bait and Switch: The REAL Reason to Hate Proprietary Blends

Bait and Switch: The REAL Reason to Hate Proprietary Blends


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You know about pixie-dusting, but have you ever thought about the “batch-to-batch bait-and-switch”?! Over the past decade, the supplement industry has made a serious shift towards open labeling practices and away from proprietary blends. Nearly all new brands on the scene are opting to disclose the dosages of all active… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Supplement Proprietary Blends | ⚠ SCARY TRUTH EXPLAINED

Lmfao @Mike your about to go war with that guys post after posting the meme


Sounds like someone is being called out in this blog. I wonder who…


Nobody specifically right now, seriously. This is just something I’d been wanting to write about for a while as one of the “risks” of prop blends out there that nobody talks about.

Yesterday Steve at Natural Body had a Facebook post that CJ wanted to make a video response to (see the references), so I told CJ to also mention this bait-and-switch possibility in his video too… and the next thing you know I’m finally writing this. Hopefully CJ’s video makes a good companion to the post.


The blatant switch (no bait) that just saddened me was iSatori with Pre-GRO and Pre-GRO Max. Pre-GRO had a great label… Then we watched them ‘reformulate’ it, make it shiny, smaller… With a prop blend a clearly lighter serving size.

I’m still chapped by that and it’s been a solid year. They were clearly hurting for money since there’s a lot of change going on with them.


@PricePlow, great article

Here are my 2 latest pet peeves, just did a Vlog on this myself…

#1 Companies that have both prop labelled products AND Full disclosure labels in their catalog…Huh
When I question this the response I get…" we have put alot of time and effort into R&D for the prop product and don’t want it copied". My response…so there is no R&D into the full disclosure product and you don’t care if it is copied??..Crickets…

#2 - companies with these crazy labels zombies, end of the world, clowns etc with shitty prop blends. People are being dupped/blinded by these purty labels and getting shafted by the ingredients…

Stepping off my soapbox.


Currently drinking Post Pro Dear God the flavor Log coming soon


if it weren’t for the fact that some of the crap smuggled into these products could seriously hurt people, I’d be of the mind that anyone who buys a prop-blended preworkout called PSYCHO RAZOR from WIKKID CLOWN LABZ gets what’s coming to them.


I’m pretty sure that Pre was in American Horror Story


Made with *Faygo and meth


I dunno, Faygo and meth sounds like a more effective pre than most of the stuff Insane Labz puts out.

Also, namedropping. It’s okay.


Insane Labz Pyschotic most likely just has just a ton of caffeine and nothing else if AMPiberry is not Amp Citrate. @Caribou


Ha, I was more going for a genre of naming rather than any specific company, but yes, they’d be one of the ones. I remember when Chaos and Pain came out and going “I don’t want to experience… either of those things?”


Clowns you say?? Would this possibly be one of the supplements we recently reviewed with a big prop blend?


@Mike in all honesty, no…was just on my soap box spewing stuff.

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Yep, we’ll be there! Only question is if you want to get on our YouTube channel. At the very least we’ll need you to discuss proprietary blended clown supplements


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