BAIBA: Weight Loss Ingredient Coined "The Exercise Molecule"

Originally published at: BAIBA: Weight Loss Ingredient Coined “The Exercise Molecule”

This amino acid has a similar structure to beta alanine and taurine, and is created naturally when you exercise. But can ingesting it make your body kick into “exercise mode” without lifting a finger?! We’re always on the lookout for supplement ingredients that could be the “Next Big Thing”, and… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

It looks interesting, I would like to try it, but there doesn’t seem to be a place to obtain it at the moment without asking the company.
I think with new ingredients they should put some on amazon stand alone, and build some hype that way


That would be great, but I feel like having it come out in multi-ingredient formulas is something that drives consumers to try a new product. Of course, this may make it much harder to determine how well said ingredient actually works though.

I think having a single ingredient product available is good for getting enthusiast on board. Which makes the base for mainstream consumers to start trying it out.

Currently, the stuff is being shipped from China so setting up domestic distribution of single ingredient capsules may or may not be possible. We’ll bring it up with them.

However, pretty quickly after this content was updated and the podcast with Shawn Wells was published, we got a pretty strong wave of inquiries from companies looking to utilize it…one as early as late 2019 possibly.

Even putting a few 100 grams in a tub would be more then enough imo.