Bad heartburn from Bang

Anyone else getting bad heart burn from Bang Energy drinks and the Master Blaster Pre workout?

Luckily, I never have. I love Bang.

I’m not sure if it’s the pre workout or the drink. It has just been this week though. Can’t take away my Bangs!!!

I have never tried their pre workout. I have only drank the energy drinks.

Cotton Candy all the way… no issues here.

Haven’t tried their pre workout, but the RTD Bangs have never given me issues either.

Never had any issues with either fortunately! Maybe it was an external factor causing it?

Any flavors in particular?

My next flavors of Bang I want to try is Purple Pear guava or something like that…LOL and the pina colada.

Well it seems to me that it’s only the star blaster pre and drink that gives me heart burn reflux

Pear is good. I honestly haven’t had a flavor I have disliked

Seems like the Master Blaster is the only one. That’s one reason why I posted, maybe ones of certain ingredients that others don’t

If there’s no herbals or ingredients in there that are different or new for you, it’s probably the flavor system… Which means we’ll never know :confused:

Yeah I think you hit the head on the nail