Axis Labs Q&A, New Products and User Comments and Suggestions

Axis Labs Q&A, New Products and User Comments and Suggestions


We at Axis Labs would like to have an open line of communication with you guys. Anything goes, just leave it here for discussion.

We got some new formulations and flavors coming down the pipe, I’ll post those here once I get them.


What’s up with the small amount of THC in your CBD oil?

Is the FDA okay with that? Will it show up on a drug test? Is there any way to extract that out?

Can a brother get a discount?


Our CBD contains 0.01% THC where in the market typical “acceptable” CBD is 0.3% (legal limit) or lower.

Can you get zero THC in a CBD product, only if you go to an isolate form and not a plant form.

As far as showing up on a drug test, it depends on how much CBD you are taking and what the threshold of the test being performed is. Obviously the lower the dosed product the lower the chance of testing positive.


Axis Labs Muscle Delight is leaving us and a new Isolate is on its way. French Toast Muscle Delight is gone for good but the flavor should be back for the isolate. New PWO, BCAA and Keto products coming soon.

Should have samples of the new PWO soon so I’ll be looking to send those out to people here.

More to follow…


nice RainMaker needed the update

looking forward to seeing the labels.

good stuff Jeff!


That French Toast Muscle Delight was amazing though…whyyyyyyy take it away


Looking forward to trying this


Yeah it did


Coming soon

((( Removed by Mike per Axis Labs request - updated labels coming soon )))


New PWO to contain Dynamine, TeaCrine and Agmatine


Any sort of theme to the name that we should follow?


Can be anything, my suggestion was to put out samples first but no luck there.


Will it include any other stims than just caff and dynamine? :thinking:


High stim, and kind of sticking to the rain theme, my submission is Hurricane


I see your hurricane and raise you one “Tsunami”, good sir.


Not sure at this point, still awaiting labels!


Really nice!!


Ok ripping your idea off.


The direct successor to Rainmaker: “Bring The Thunder”




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