Axis Labs is here

Axis Labs is here

Just wanted to stop by and say hi, Axis Labs is here and we want to contribute any way we can. Keep an eye out for our first (of many) promotional giveaways coming soon.


Awesome, welcome to the forum!

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At least they didn’t spell it with a z

Glad to see more companies here, welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

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French toast or negs

Oh wait, wrong forum


Ok looking at their products their most interesting is the fat burner, 7 ingredients(and bioperine) in a 782 mg prop blend front loaded by theacrine.

Their weakest is the night time fat-burner which is just raspberry ketones(500 mg) and basic carnitine(100 mg)

The preworkout has a good starting point but needs more stuff in it. I also question not including nitrosigine in the pump formula that boast 3 other types of arginine.

Weirdest product is XTRACT, a 4 capsule diuretic.
They also seem to be branching into CBD oil, for those who are into that.

Didn’t you guys have an ARA product a while back?

Edit almost forgot: Their proteins have Delicious sounding names.


We have had conversations about Rainmaker being underdosed and I believe they would like to reformulate.

CBD is hot right now, very hard to keep in stock. My brother and father who are weed smokers daily have been using CBD for pains and anxiety and love it.

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Touche’ my man


Concerns about the feds, or official statement from Axis? This is gonna be a big battle in 2018 I’m thinking.

Welcome to the forum. Let’s jam on YouTube and meet up at the Arnold!


That is officially from Axis. It has been selling so well it’s hard to keep up with the demand. I look forward to seeing where this goes this year.


I would bet otherwise, CBD isn’t banned and there isn’t much of a reason to ban it, I could see the DEA trying to crack down on oils that have trace amounts of THC in them but CBD itself I think is safe.


The FDA has already sent some warnings out though. I’m guessing companies are going to get together and fight


With marijuana legalization picking up steam, I don’t really foresee the government getting too concerned over the CBD. Although, I wouldn’t put it past them by any means.

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Problem is that the legalizations are taking place at the state level and not the federal.


the french toast and smores are excellent flavors!


At the moment CBD is legal as long as it contains no THC. Its still illegal to market them for treating diseases which is what some of the letters were about. There are allot of companies making questionable or false claims about cbd oil, which kind of annoys me. That said allot of things about the medical industry annoy me.

Particularly how we decided to socialise it while still allowing companies/hospitals to charge huge markups for drugs.

Ooooo french toast sounds interesting.

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Glad to see you guys on the forum! CSKV1 is good people.


Trying to think of a good promo to give away some Muscle Delight


Ohhh can’t wait, those flavors sound delicious


French toast flavor?? I’m literally obsessed with French toast.

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Got the thumbs up for a Muscle Delight and Rainmaker promo, stand by.