Axe & Sledge Deadlifts & Gummy Bears Returns!

Nice video…

It has been a while since I’ve used this - is anyone (this side of Ben) still utilizing it? I mean they are a Pittsburgh company and all.

I actually just picked some up, but it is in the long long rotation of my PWOs I have open at the moment. I wanted to snag the Gummy Bear flavor… I have been slowly trying out A&S products… here is my list thus far, trying to Rep em in the 'Burgh!!

Home Made (Double Chocolate Brownie) - Amazing Meal Replacement or just 1 scoop it as a shake if you do not mind the extra carbs. Mixes very easily and the flavor is amazing. Recently finished the tub, and am sad its gone!

The Grind (Deadlifts & Gummy Bears) - On stand by for my next intra

Farm Fed (Glazed Donut) - Just got this, and will be opening it once I finish a couple other proteins that are nearing the end.

Hydraulic (Deadlifts & Gummy Bears) - On Stand By in the cabinet

Elbow Grease - Just stared two days ago, more to follow on how this goes!

Dozer - Tried it and hated it…no bueno!!!

Greatly appreciate it my friend.

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