Autism THEORY: Was the Increase in Autism Caused by SEED Oils?

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Disclaimer: The following article is an untested theory based upon a small amount of research involving correlational data. I’m not expanding on this idea, as it is not my fight to fight, but I wanted to publish the article and video to put the theory out into the “Internet ether”,… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Years ago I read an article on the internet, back when web-pages had actual paragraphs and 99% of the page was dedicated to the information they were trying to convey and not a single bit of clip bait or pop-up video was to be found, so it was some time ago( still has information and is not distraction orientated and is why I like it so much.) It told a detailed history of rapeseed oil. Most have never heard of it because the name was changed, for good reason as who the hell is going to consume rapeseed oil, to Canola by the producers. Mike I am sure you know the story but to any who do not really look into canola, pure garbage.

Unfortunately many have now come to expect the oil component of cooking, baking and eating to be CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP. Once you fight to inform people you then have to convince them the alternative, butter and clean tallow is worth the price. We have an uphill battle and with the poor health and shape many are in these days I fear as a society we may be unable to ascend said hill. I like the theory Mike and there is no doubt in my mind that reducing/eliminating both refined sugar/carbohydrates, limiting other carbohydrates and kicking these poison oils to the curb is a wise move regardless of their impact on autism.

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Brian Cavanaugh

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