Attention: All Kraken Pre-Workout Users

Attention: All Kraken Pre-Workout Users

I just wanted to let everyone know that over at Tiger Fitness, they are running an Arnold Classic Weekend Sale and they have all Sparta Nutrition products 20% off. But the big one for me was they have the Kraken pre-workout for not only 20% off but Buy 1 Get 1 free. So I ordered me a pair so they will be ready when I start working out again. I got the cola and sour gummy bear flavors.


Nice find here!

Even their pump and amino acid products are BOGO as well. Buying all three products will give anyone a pretty good stack for about $100.

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I have not really tried any of their products, is Kraken pretty good? Profile looks nice. If I remember right it was one of those that had DMHA and now does not, so am curious how it works without DMHA or did if suffer the same fate of Total War? With deals like that i may stock my closet, all good products?


It is lower in stim due to the removal of DMHA. But, where it shines, and unlike total war, it reinovated. Added TeaCrine to up stims, as well as Tyramine and Theobromine. Added 50mg caffeine. None of that ampiberry BS. And my favorite, 300mg of Vaso-6, making it a killer pump product. I’d say this version is much much better as an all around preworkout, instead of a way to get a novelty stimulant, since I personally used it solely for the DMHA


That is an excellent explanation @Anthony, thank you. I decided to give it a whirl, cannot go wrong with a BOGO for 36 bucks, plus curious how their Cola tastes!

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The Cola on the dmha version tasted like flat diet Pepsi. My sex on the beach flavor just came in from CP today. I’m still on mega pre black but I may have to pop open kraken for tomorrow just to see if I wanna press the button on that BOGO. The lower stim profile is more for me.

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Now that I’ve said that… Cola dmha is quite literally my only flavor experience for Kraken. Any recommendations on what flavors to try next and why would be great.


It is one of the best pre workouts that I have tried and it actually tastes good. Best pump I ever got from a pre workout was from Kraken. I liked the cola, actually tasted like cola. I am trying the gummy bears flavor as well this time.


This is outstanding…thank you for posting this…I’m a fan of ‘the Kraken’ (Lego movie reference)…and of course TF.


Grabbed some myself


Order placed…greatly appreciate the heads up here.

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No problem. We have to look out for each other on these deals. Gotta save the money!


Update, rainbow candy was repulsive

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Damn…I love Bombsicle…Ok, I really like it. And ordered Rainbow Candy…hmm


I think Kraken is okay. Not my favorite but it’s def a decent one-size fits all type of pre.


Kraken was surprisingly pretty pretty pretty good…Currently my ‘go to’…

Again loved Ghost and Primeval but man that L-Norvaline thing…


Doesn’t Kraken have Norvaline?


No sir…

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Ah, you’re right. It was their old DMHA version that did

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If you wanna get really paranoid, I’m pretty certain caffeine has been shown to reduce telomere length.