Arnold's Iron Test is out… but with a Questionable Label

#fancybox-close{right:-15px;top:-15px} div#fancybox-content{border-color:#FFFFFF} div#fancybox-title{background-color:#FFFFFF} div#fancybox-outer{background-color:#FFFFFF} div#fancybox-title-inside{color:#333333} GNC quietly released the latest in the Arnold Schwarzenegger Series (owned by MusclePharm), Iron Test. The label is the same as it was when it leaked back in May, which is unfortunate because it is the epitome of a proprietary blend. There is absolutely no …
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I'm sure having Arnold's name and face on the product drives up the price somewhat.

But I just got some bottles of this on clearance at GNC for $12 each. For that price, I would say it's certainly worth a try.

They are on clearance because it's expired. Be careful! I was at gnc at they had test booster/(*estrogen blocker*) which is what you need when taking hormones and testosterone , but when a bottle that's normally 120 to 60 and now is 2 to 20 dollars it's expired. That's a chance you have to be brave to take .. probably ok if your not stacking real hormones and testosterone (juice , gear,riods) . But if you are taking the real stuff don't take the chance and buy expired estrogen blockers because you could get bitch tits and other problems with your male parts . Don't risk it be smart know what you are putting in your body and why you are using it. It's really about using the rite things together at the rite times and in moderation. Don't over due products over the counter or with the needle, listen to your body keep weight your lifting at moderate levels don't push hard and hurt your self because you feel jacked and you can lift it or you will tear a rotator cuff or way worse.

The ones that I bought expire a few months from now, in June. I'm sure they'll still be perfectly OK for a while longer than that, too. I'm just taking them with other vitamin and mineral supplements, creatine and basic preworkout powders.