Arecoline from Betel Nut: Cancer-Causing Supplement Ingredient?

Originally published at: Arecoline from Betel Nut: Cancer-Causing Supplement Ingredient?

2018 Update: The latest supplement to include this toxic ingredient is the Steel Supplements Amped-AF pre workout. It is in a proprietary blend under the name One32 and we urge caution when using it due to the research discussed below. 2017 Update: We urge caution over an “international” version of… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Great write up again PricePlow, I will be throwing away the rest of my Dust V2 today, It wasn't that impressive anyway. Its not even in my top five.

@Mike how do you feel about arecoline these days? I saw the Guerilla Chemist with some good evidence defending it months ago.

Worse than ever. How many studies showing hepatoxicity / cytotoxicity / testicular toxicity / damaged sperm / etc etc etc does anyone need to see?

I just calculated some human equivalent doses on the swiss mouse study (1mg per day for 25 months where 43% of male mice got cancer)… for 165lb male, it converts to about 153mg dose. That’s not an astronomical dose.

I don’t care what you put in your body, but I’d rather you know the harmful effects before you do it… and after that, I’d rather not be in the same insurance pool as you, subsidizing your healthcare… because there’s a higher chance you’re going to need it.

Would love to see what Guerilla is saying though. I won’t doubt there’s some beneficial effects in terms of focus. Nicotine is also a great nootropic… is that reason enough to use it knowing everything we know about the negative side?


did a little googling and found this.

I’m with you, though.

Thank you for calling out Amped-AF. I couldn’t believe I saw this in 2018. Also it’s crazy expensive!!

Gotta pay extra for the greater increase of cancer! SMH

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Source #7 gives me an error when I follow it

Yes, that’s why I had added an archive link to the last known working copy. I made both of the links go to it now, so that should prevent any confusion.

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Wow. Popped up again in Black Magic Day Spell. I thought they were a more legit company? I never would have known this except for this article years ago. It’s innocently buried on the label here

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That along with the theophylline (which should be Rx only) :thinking: