Anyone with ginkgo biloba as a nootropic?

I’m wondering how well it works for memory issues, and how fast.

I know in the past people liked it. I don’t believe I’ve personally used it…And will add that nootropics vary wildly for each individual - you may have to experiment a little and be cognizant of any nootropics in your pre-workout.

Ginko is sometimes included in a noot but who knows how well it works individually considering it’s often used with other ingredients.

Not sure if there’s an extract that you should be looking for.

This is probably a good place to start

So this is a good brand for it, or just a good link for information?

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Really good brand.

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I would say both. I’ve never used Life Extension but Supplement Snoop recommends it.


I look forward to the day that he introduces Supplement Woodstock…

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I’ve used life extension for their curcumin in the past and really enjoyed it. So yeah I can vouch it’s a good brand

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