Any issues with Hi-Tech Equibolin?

I’ve tried to order some bottles of Hi-Tech Equibolin from A1Supplements. But suddenly, it became out of stock.
I ordered the same from Suppz, and a couple of days ago, I got refunded.
Is Hi-Tech Equibolin being pulled from the market?

I do believe Hi-Tech prohormones in general are all kind of “on hold” at the moment, with retailer stock either gone or put on a stop sale of sort perhaps… At least as far as I’ve seen. I could be wrong.

Is there an alternative for Equibolin for first-time prohormone user?

This is correct. At the end of the “Red Yeast Rice indictment” the Feds stated that there was 1-Androstenedione and some other illegal stuff in there.

But it seems like they were only testing for potential presence based on molecular weight – and there’s 1200 compounds that have that same molecular weight, including the ingredient that was supposed to be there.

We think this because the FDA lab’s footnotes confirm that the requesting FDA agent did not want to know the quantity of the compounds they supposedly found… likely because a more rigorous test would have shown the truth (that it was just 1-DHEA in there).

But just in case, @Jared_Wheat said he decided to put things on hold, get everything 3rd-party tested, and see for himself. He 3rd-party tested a few of the same exact batches the FDA tested, and there was no 1-Androstendione found. I have those lab reports.

I wrote up a pretty aggressive blog post on this, but didn’t want to publish it until I saw the Gaspari Anavite lab test I had sent in myself. Now that it tested clean at yet another 3rd party lab… I’m more confident to post the full DHEA story soon. But the synopsis is as above.